Why Celebrate Black History Month?

Why should you celebrate black history month with Conversations With The Queen? Well as you may know CWTQ values a holistic and conscious approach to life. As Black, African, Indigenous people, it is imperative that we utilize any venue necessary to further gain knowledge of ourselves. So much of our culture and history has been hidden or erased. So “Conversations With The Queen” will be making a conscious effort toward bringing quality shows dedicated toward uplifting humanity, but more specifically black people at home and abroad. So tune in each week as we will explore topics that pertain to helping ourselves and our communities. And understand that black history is not limited to 28 (or 29 in a leap yr ūüėČ days but it should be explored and understood 365 days a year! I will keep the blog updated as our guests are scheduled. Conversations With The Queen airs every¬†Monday¬†night at 9PM EST the call in number is 917 932 8881. You can listen to our live and archived shows on¬†blogtalkradio.com/109-9penstation¬†and you can also keep up with us through our facebook fan page¬†facebook.com/ConversationswiththequeenImage

Yours always,
Tae Queen


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