2/6/14 Black History Hero: Caroline Tracy Dye

Caroline Tracy Dye, better known as “Aunt Caroline,” was a highly respected seer whose name was recognized in Arkansas and the Mid-South in the early years of the twentieth century. The fact that she was an uneducated African American made her popularity at the time all the more unusual.

Caroline Tracy’s parents’ names are unknown, and there has been an abundance of conflicting information through the years about her date of birth and early life. She was born into slavery in Spartanburg, South Carolina, about 1843, shortly after the death of her parents’ master, William Tracy. His widow, Nancy, later moved with her family and slaves to Arkansas, settling near present-day Rosie (Independence County). Caroline Tracy had an infant daughter, Hannah, before the death of Nancy Tracy in 1861. All of the slaves, including Caroline Tracy, were the property of the Tracy estate until they were freed after the Civil War.

Caroline Tracy became aware of her abilities as a seer while still a young child. She could reportedly see things outside her line of vision that others could not. Among several early examples is a story that, during the Civil War, she foretold a visit by a member of Tracy family, someone thought dead in the early years of the war.

Read more by click here –> http://www.encyclopediaofarkansas.net/encyclopedia/entry-detail.aspx?entryID=14

Tracy later moved to Elgin (Jackson County), where she married Martin Dye on June 16, 1867. They had one child, a girl named Mary, who died at the age of eleven months. Through the years, they raised several children who were not their own, including one or more children who were Martin’s but not Caroline’s.


One thought on “2/6/14 Black History Hero: Caroline Tracy Dye

  1. So glad to see a focus on our root workers. They are often overlooked and I believe we can learn so much from their practices.

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