2/10/14 Black History Hero: Nubian Queen Amanishaketo

This post is very dear to me as it taught me something new, as well. The purpose of CWTQ Black history celebration is to dedicate and maintain a level of honor, dignity, and honesty not often discussed during the process of this month. So with out further a due I introduce to you Queen Amanishakto; Kandake of Nubia
“Amanishaketo (10 BC – 0) was the daughter of a queen and the wife of a brother whom she survived. Her successor was her daughter, Amanitore, who is mentioned in the Bible (Acts 8:27).
Queen Amanishakheto: This remarkable woman must have possessed vast wealth and power, considering the pyramid where she lay buried and the treasures that surrounded her in her death. In 1832 her pyramid at Wad Ban Naqa was leveled to the ground by the explorer Giuseppe Ferlini, then working in Meroe as a treasure hunter. Here was found her residence and several temples. Her mud brick palace is one of the largest identified to date. It measures some 61 meters in length and covers an area of some 3,700 squares meters. The ground floor contained over 60 rooms for various purposes. This palace originally had a second story as the remains of columns found on the ground floor indicate, and this may have contained an atrium, a design feature paralleled elsewhere.
The treasure itself is remarkable for the variety of types and materials used. It contained ten bracelets, nine so-called shield rings, sixty-seven signet rings, two armbands, and an extraordinary number of loose amulets and elements belonging to necklaces and other articles. Most of the articles were created especially for Queen Amanishakheto, although a few were heirlooms, and almost all of the jewelry appears to have been created by Nubian artists in the Kingdom of Meroe.”

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