Harnessing High Vibration Energy: Introduction

Spirit Energy

In the conscious community, we often hear people talk about raising or maintaining their vibration. What does it really mean? Since we are spirit beings we are made up of energy. That energy can resonate at a variety of different frequencies depending upon our actions and environment. There are a number of ways to raise your vibration as you go on this journey to higher levels of consciousness.

Your consciousness journey is the evolutionary process of remembering you are a god. While your soul was in the ethers waiting for your next body to inhabit, you knew who you were without a question, without a doubt. Your soul understands the need to have these human experiences to grow. Something happened through the process of being reborn that caused you to forget. So, you’re here on earth having a human experience to lead you back to your understanding of your true nature. As you continue the journey to fully realize your potential as a spirit being, your vibration will rise to a higher frequency.

Over the years, many spiritual teachers have demonized the base chakras and as a result, many of the practices you’ve been taught to engage in to raise your vibration to higher levels of consciousness often neglect the base chakras. For this reason, there will be a transition period where you may not be able to harness the energy and as a result, you could experience excessive energy surges.  These states of being can result in a variety of physical symptoms that can interfere with your visioning and visualization.

So, how can you learn to harness high vibration energy? Consider the following techniques.

  • Grounding: Connect with the energy of the earth
  • Centering: Focus your mental processes into the central point of your head
  • Shielding: Protect yourself from undesirable energy
  • Cleansing: Cleanse your aura for unwanted energy

Stay tuned for future blog posts for information on each of these techniques.

Peace and blessings.


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