Who Is The Re Turn Council

Hi my name is Sean Pereira
As named by my Aunt and decided upon by my mother and father
Some on Facebook know me as
The Re Turn Council

I am from a small beautiful Caribbean island
Antigua and it’s sister island Barbuda.

Where I worked with my Dad to make artwork from coconut shells
I lean the power of coconuts a long time ago
There was not a part of the coconut that we did not use.

Very close with my mom being the last of 14 children
She taught me how to plant crops and tend to various animals we had.

Which taught me a lot about animals and their perception.

Lived throughout the United States in New York, Houston Texas, Portland Oregon
Just to name few. Lived in St. Thomas and St Croix USVI
And recently been traveling the world did breath the air in Ghana Africa johanessburge South Africa. did walk the streets of Rome and Milan Italy and France, United. Kingdom (England) Seoul South Korea, Amsterdam, Dublin Ireland. Switzerland. Saint Maarten Puerto Rico. My travel around the world has shown me that people has everything in common having the same wants needs and desires and having the same challenges in life.

Attended Devry University for Computer Network Administration
And computer repairs. Taught computer education class for a school in Houston. Texas.
Work as a Network administration for various major corporations
And recently worked as a Correction Officer .trained as a Special Operations Team Member popularly called SWAT

Taught myself photography and reflexology massage therapy

Studied the works of various spiritual masters and wise teachers
Some Religious some Meta physical some Spiritualist some scientist
Some just wise elders. various schools of thought waked
Through the school of Christiaism
Through Muhammadanism
Through Hebreism
Through mosesism
Through Abrahamish
And ancient Sumerianism
Through Africanism
Through Egiptianism

And I found they were and is all correct on their own planes

Studied the Native American Teaching
Studied the schools of rememberings
Studied the magus
Studied the Hopi,s is of Arizona
The various occult teachings
Studied the satanist to know their perspectives
Studied the Animals
Studied the Trees
Studied the Minerals
Study all of Mother Earth And Father Sun I can put My hands On.

I studied  information and knowledge
Just too numerous to mention
I sat at the feet of the modern day masters
And studied the ancient and old ones of Africa

And only a master of myself.

I studied anyone who had anything to say
Well it’s too numerous to mention
And I learn from all of you

And I have come to the conclusion
that we humans are as spiritual as we can be
The trick Was to master being physical.
I did spend some time trying to be spiritual and realized I was that already.

I soon find being physical was my short coming.
So I have dedicated my time on this plane to help the spiritual people
Master physicality and I have accepted to accept that I know nothing that I think I do It’s my Higher self that is downloading to its ego projection.

With this am open to learning from All of you.
The goddess has invited me to learn from all of you
And share my Universal To Multi versal and Omniversal perspective
So welcome.

The Re Turn Council



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