To Paint Or NOT to Paint?: An Intro, Part 1

I have always been an Artist. I’ve been an Artist ever since I first picked up a pencil as a child. For me, art naturally went hand-in-hand with writing (which is also an art). There was NO question about how wrapped up in love I was with getting lost in my Imagination for hours on end, especially through drawing and writing. That remains true to this day.

Some of my first adventures as an Artist and Writer started when I would make little booklets recreating my favorite fairytales–you know, those things with the sheet of construction paper for the cover and the plain white paper or lined paper for the inside pages. I distinctly remember making one for Rapunzel. Yes, I started from pencils, crayons and stick figures too. Ha, ha!

I had that typical childhood innocence and fearlessness in my creations where I did things simply because I WANTED to. My logic was so simple back then: I saw something I wanted to draw, so I drew it. Simple. The end. Not to say that everything came out looking EXACTLY like my subjects, but it was all a matter of my Mind and Imagination not yet being tainted by comparing Self to others, inferiority complexes, etc.

Now in the case of painting, it was really rare for me to paint as a child. In fact, the only time I DID paint was during certain Arts & Crafts projects in school and one time when I had an egg/finger paint set in my Easter basket. At these times in my life, I found painting to be so FUN and EXCITING because I RARELY got to do it!

But then…one day, a particularly TERRIBLE disappointment made me walk away from painting forever.

I had finally had my own little paint set outside of just school and Easter. At this point, I was starting to truly explore different media in my art. I has this BEAUTIFUL image of a woman in my Mind’s eye. She was a magical woman, and it was a close-up shot of her face. Her eyes were closed and her hair was blowing in the breeze; a deep blue, starry night sky complete with a full moon was the backdrop of it all. This image was so CLEAR in my Mind that I instantly set off to work to bring my image to life on paper.

Well…remember what I just said about how the things I saw did NOT always come out exactly how I wanted them to? Yeah, well this was an EXTREME case of that! When it was all said and done, the woman’s face was disproportionate and ugly, the starry night sky looked more like a blue wall with white holes in it and…the paper wrinkled and shrunk! I did NOT understand! This looked NOTHING at all like what I saw in my Mind’s eye!

I was so Heartbroken and devastated that I swore that I would never paint again and I would stick to my dry media only.

Forever, however, moved a little faster…

Stay tuned for the rest of the tale in my next entry! Peace!

~SOULar Lioness XOXO


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