Kundalini Healing, the Path to Expanded Sexual Response Ft. Master Yao

Join Conversations with the Queen as we discuss, “Kundalini Healing, the Path to Expanded Sexual Response” Ft. Master Yao. Master Yao is an expert in the arts of Energy healing, Life Coaching, and is also a Published Author. During this show he will be focusing on teaching about the power of sexual energy and how we can better utilize it to elevate our awareness and ultimately create a better way of living. The call in number is 917.932.8881 You can also listen to the live stream via http://www.blogtalkradio.com/109-9penstation/2014/03/04/conversations-with-the-queen

Master Yao

Master Yao Also Known As Yao Nyamekye Morris

Author, Life Coach, Energy Healer …

Yao is an accomplished instructor in the Kundalini Sciences.

Yao grew up in a close knit farming community. He graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy with a degree in engineering and a minor in business. Yao holds a Federal Engineering License (USCG 3rd, Inactive). He spent some of his early adult years as a junior executive in Fortune 500 corporations. From 1990 to 1997 he participated in the Amanmere Research Project into the mystery systems and tantric secrets of indigenous cultures. After this he became a Life Coach, Author and eventually founded the Grand Trine Program. He is accomplished in Iridology, Herbal Medicine, energy healing, Tantra, and even carpentry. He is somewhat of an authority on ancient religions, the occult, and the spiritual cultures of indigenous societies. Yao is formally indoctrinated into several mystery systems. In some circles he is known as “Master Yao Nyamekye.”

From childhood Yao has held a deep interest in such things as ancient history, astronomy, the supernatural, the esoteric, and the cultures of indigenous societies. As early as his teen years Yao was a storyteller who weaved these exotic themes in scary stories. He grew into an adult with a natural passion for writing, but these early novels were never meant for public eyes. Today his compositions are still richly laced with indigenous themes and ethereal journeys that tunnel into the reader’s subconscious mind. His novels contain a generous dose of erotica. Archetypes of good versus evil figure prominently in his plots.

His first book, Amanmere, (non-fiction) was published in 1997. In all he has published five books and has several in active process. His most popular work, Awakening the Master Feminine, was published in 2008. His last book, The Oracle of Khemsa Nu , is an epic fantasy set in a future age (The Sixth Age) that follows the collapse of the current world (The Fifth Age). There is a new earth and new people. Mankind is charged is restore the Great Oracle Portal, destroyed in the calamity which brought the fifth age to an end. The new earth is now home to strange elemental creatures and mutant beasts.

In 2011 Master Yao founded the Grand Trine Program. There are five tiers or levels to the system. Grand Trine imparts to the student the advanced techniques and concepts of Kundalini science, life sciences and indigenous natural science. It includes a dynamic version of Tantra Projection work.



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