Self perception

Self perception

We all to often measure ourselves by standards not defined by our own measure. From the day we are born we learn from others how we should define ourselves. Language, symbols, thoughts, and culture teach us more about ourselves than we realize; but is everything that we have learned from our own personal interactions with these forces truly our own?
How would you define yourself? Many people choose to define themselves by characteristics they have or by what they have done. But my question continues to be, “Are you a human being or a human doing?” What if our perceptions were no longer defined by what we tasted, touched, felt, heard, and saw but by what we are innately? Would we still feed on the energy we sought from others or would we come to accept who and what we are in the moment?

Satisfaction and acceptance, of self, are two different things. Though related we must be careful not to confuse the two. Being satisfied by something means that it has fulfilled a need want or pleasure for you. Although it is not wrong or bad to satisfy ones self, we must learn that this is not the epitome of life. Acceptance is just as one would expect to fully and completely be open to receiving ones self with out fear judgment or process. We have learned so many different perceptions of ourselves that we all too often have forgotten our own.

How do you choose to define yourself? Is it by title, profession, or name? Is it by possession of material goods, knowledge, or even people? All of these things can give us insight into who we may be or who we think we are but they can not define us. Unfortunately the society we live in hasn’t caught up to that understanding yet; but one thing we must remember is that our society is nothing more than an inflated aspect of our own consciousness. So by taking personal responsibility for our own contributions to this collective attitude, we can now begin to build on what might be perceived as a better way of thinking, living, and dreaming. By choosing to define life for yourself, not in-spite of self or other, we can now gain a clearer insight on what it is that we see as truth.

Who are you? I can not define that for you. This is something you must discover for yourself, but what I can choose to do for you is to reflect your light and help you to gain a better perception of your-self.


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