Harnessing High Vibration Energy: Grounding


Lady in the Pond, Atlanta Botanical Gardens

In my February 15th blog post, I shared an introduction about four techniques to harness high vibration energy. I also promised to provide information about each one in upcoming posts. Today, we’ll focus on grounding, connecting with the energy of the earth.

Visualize a tree and the blowing wind. Trees with strong roots that shoot deep into the earth may sway with the wind. In fact, they might even bend. Despite it all, the tree stays grounded and continues the process of photosynthesis and producing fruit. Your job is to do the same. The age of Aquarius is ushering in a new energy that will bring more people back to indigenous spiritual practices. As this occurs, their high levels of energy will be mistaken for the new age movement. While there’s nothing wrong with the movement, the energy and connotation of new age is much different from ancient spiritual practices. When people are asked about new age, they often use the adjectives quirky, pie in the sky, off in space, or ungrounded. These terms can turn people off from the much-needed benefits of ancient spiritual practices so let’s be mindful to be clear about the distinction while respecting others simultaneously. So, how do we stay grounded while maintaining a high vibration. Let’s explore a few simple yet effective techniques.

Walk barefoot in the dirt. Making a physical connection with the earth is one sure fire way to stay grounded. Dig your toes deep into the dirt and take deep breaths. Do this until you feel a connection with the earth.

Hug a tree. Okay, so maybe you don’t have to hug a tree but you can connect with it. The elders believed trees were spirits so they communicated with them regularly. In fact, if they needed to use the tree for wood, they would say something like, “I honor you, Great Tree Spirit. Please allow me to use a part of you to keep me warm and cook my food.” If they needed wisdom and guidance, they might make a sacrifice near a specific tree or simply ask the tree for guidance. The life of the tree imparts life in the person simply through touch and talk.

Meditate with root chakra stones. Black tourmaline, tiger’s eye, or obsidian are a few examples. The root chakra is one of the seven primary chakras and its located at the base of the spine. Every other chakra is downstream and can only receive energy from what flows through the root. Since many of us ignore our root chakra and may even consider it primal, it lays dormant and can interfere with proper balance of our energetic frequency. Be sure to cleanse your stones and charge them prior to the meditation. Here’s are a few simple steps. Sit in easy pose and take deep breaths in and out while holding one stone in each hand. Take deep breaths in and out to clear your mind. Continue this practice for 10-30 minutes.

Now that you’ve learned a few energy grounding techniques, I encourage you to try one or two. I’d love to hear about the results you experience. In our next post, we’ll explore centering, another technique for harnessing high vibration energy.

Peace and blessings


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