Perspective and Our Tone of Life

Life through your eyes is exactly specific and unique to your own experience. SHARE IT; but be careful not to force it upon others. Your truth will always be exactly specific to you, and for that reason we must learn to appreciate the beauty that comes from that.

Harmony is not formed by all notes being exactly alike, but rather different notes working together to create a resonance that is compatible. One note does not try to be like the other; rather it works hardest to blend itself to create a unified beauty that cannot be created by any one note alone. Like these notes, we to have a resonance; a frequency that allows us to express our feelings, emotions, hopes, dreams, goals, and of course perspective. By us becoming our truth we set the frequency creating a tone. Our lives are an energetic reaction to this tone and we have the power to change, manipulate, or maintain this tone through the actions we take. From our words, looks, sounds, and all facets of human communication verbal and nonverbal; we sustain the tone of our life.

It may sound a bit cliché but really pause for one moment and think about what it would be like if we were all the same…. BORING right? So why have we become so obsessed with conformity. Why are we satisfied with a world that pushes onto us ideas of who, what, and how we are “supposed” to be. We may not all believe in a higher power or a God, but we can all agree that we are here. Right? So now lets take a moment to look around us. Examine the trees, the flowers, the families, communities, and cities that we have built as a reflection of our innate consciousness; all of these things are wondrous. All of these things are different yet we do not seek to make them all the same.

Now, I can see some of you all’s faces, “I’m me. I’m my own person. I do me! Ect,” but pause for a second and ask yourself if this is really true? Have you ever found yourself in a moment or space where you began to question yourself?  “Are these clothes in style? Does my hair look right? Am I skinny enough, thick enough, beautiful enough, handsome enough? Am I enough?”  Now think of a new-born baby or even a small child, these are not questions they ask themselves. They just are themselves, the way that they were made. They do not question their “I amness” they are too focused on just being.  Now, wouldn’t it be nice if we could get back to that reality?  The one where we wore that same old ugly brown sweeter everyday just because it was comfortable and made us feel safe; the one where we didn’t care if our hair was tousled from running in the wind and climbing trees. That reality is where we shine. That reality is the one that speaks to the heart and not anyone else’s perception of who we should be.

In that place we speak from instinct not programming, we sing because we are happy, and we breathe because we are free. Now isn’t that a place where you would like to be? Well NEWS FLASH you are already there and the only thing holding you back is you. You and your perception of what should and shouldn’t be. Stop thinking about who you are. Stop judging who you are. Now start living who you are.  This post is just a friendly reminder from the universe to live your truth and love every moment of doing it.



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