To Paint or NOT to Paint?: An Intro, Part 2

So, I continued to write, draw, create and GROW both into and with my creativity. More years passed, and with the passing years more experimentation and phases came and went. From my fixation on anime and manga to my current fixation on realism and developing my own style.

For the most part, I stuck with pencil drawings, but when drawing cartoons, I’d draw with pencil, ink it, then color with colored pencils. This was my norm. I let crayons go a LONG time ago, so I was pretty cozy with the tools I had, but I just wanted to get even BETTER at what I did.

For years, many people were fascinated by my creativity, artistry and limitless Imagination; for so long, people high and low from family to friends to teachers to strangers have told me to go to art school because I was so talented.

Now, here are two reasons why I found such suggestions odd: 1) It never crossed my Mind, so I had no desire to do that and 2) Once I DID show mild interest in art school, I found out that in order to apply, I would have to submit a portfolio–so THAT intimidated me and chased me FAAARRRR away from that suggestion altogether! I didn’t have a portfolio anyway, nor did I know the first thing about making one.

But one day, after spending semester after semester after damn SEMESTER drifting from class to class and major to major at CCP (Community College of Philadelphia), I decided to REALLY go for it and go to art school! What made me change my Mind? Well, I found out that the Art Institute did NOT require portfolios…so I immediately found that to be a little less intimidating.


Long story short(er), I applied for the Art Institute of Philadelphia, got accepted, and BOUNCED.


Did I transfer from CCP?

NOPE. I literally took all my financial aid, switched it over to the Art Institute on my FAFSA and I just stopped going to CCP. Yup! 😉

Anyway, I started to attend the Art Institute in August 2012 at the Summer Mid-Quarter (listen…to this very DAY, I STILL don’t understand quarters. THAT mess has me lost in the strawberry apple sauce!) (-_-)

Ok, now to the PAINTING! I started my classes, one of which, was Color Theory. Let me just say this, my professor HATED me for NO REASON. She was the Devil incarnate. In general, she was pretty damn rude to everyone, but she especially didn’t like ME. There was no satisfying or pleasing this woman. Anything you could possibly do was WRONG. Even if she told you how, showed you how, and you did EXACTLY what she did…it was WRONG.

I remember one time in class, she was teaching us how to mix a specific color of paint, and everybody in the WHOLE class was having a hard time and we all kept raising our hands for help. Tell me WHY…I asked her for help, right? She came over to me all snotty, old and obnoxious, actually MIXED the color, walked away to help someone else, came BACK over to me a bit later to see how I was doing…wait for it…then TOLD ME I MIXED THE COLOR WRONG?! And look–it was the paint that SHE had mixed! That’s how I KNEW she was out to get me for SURE! But…you know, that’s beside the point. (-_-)

Despite the drama that my overdue-for-retirement professor put us ALL through, if it wasn’t for my Color Theory class, I would NOT be painting TODAY. I learned quite a bit in this one class alone, most of which were things I already knew, but the class took me even DEEPER into the appreciation of color and how to work with them. My childhood excitement for painting returned once we were given actual assignments (despite my general annoyance at the tedious things about completing each assignment) and when it was all said and done, I passed the class, I had paint to spare from my school kit, and I was inspired to run out and buy more paint (acrylic), some canvas boards, brushes… and the rest, as they say…is…HISTORY. I mean… MY STORY. 😉

NOW my question is only…to PAINT or to paint MORE…? 🙂

~SOULar Lioness XOXO


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