What is spirituality

Re member
what is spirituality.?

Our Earth Life is a Dream we are having
We Reside in The spiritual Realms.
Yes a part of us do let’s call this our higher self
and up to the spirit and souls and the Oversoul

Now we do not deny our physical density
Our physicality. Because we did project here for learnings.

Yet we recognize our multi dimensionality
Quite paradoxically.
We live on this and higher dimension in simultaneity

What we call physical incarnation
Should be rightly called “a projection” in to a holographic framework
Like the holo deck on Star Trek?

So what really is spirituality?

Most people are under the impression
That life in this school is to become spiritual
But we are already as spiritual as we can ever be
We will not become more spiritual
But more aware that we are spirit, having a physical
Projection. And that projection is to master being physical
The tools used are to help
And acknowledgement of our crystallization
Are becoming more crystalline in structure.

These will not make you more spiritual
But more aware that you are already a spirit having and awakening
And mastering physicality or projection.

In actuality your wonderful Brains the receiver the antenna the electro chemical
Bio Transducer
Is giving you the realism ..it was designed to do just that and is doing its job

We have said over and over again
That the analogy of physical reality is a movie
Look no movement is in the film strip Analog or digital unless it’s projected
Or displayed on a screen.
each frame is it’s own reality it’s own Parallell and the projectionist you can jump or slide to each frame in the movie and they are all occurring at the same time.

Past present and future are all one now point. To experience movement is to switch from parallel reality to parallel reality so many Times per second of linear time if you remember anything you cross connect to that reality that is still occurring in its own frame or Parallell. So even to have memo Re ” memory” is a parallel reality” connection.

Physical reality some has said is liken to a dream or being awake in your dream
Or wake up to realize that you are dreaming…because you are not inside physical reality physical reality inside you.

So again what is spirituality
It is acknowledging and becoming more aware that you are “love”
And a spirit in human for projecting
For experiences.

The Return Council


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