Harnessing High Vibration Energy – Centering


In my February 15th blog post, I shared an introduction about four techniques to harness high vibration energy. I also promised to provide information about each one in upcoming posts. I introduced the grounding technique in my March 7th blog post. Today, we’ll build upon the grounding technique by adding in centering. Centering is focusing your mental processes into the central point of your head. This practice works in conjunction with the grounding practice unless you are able to visualize on command.

Follow these steps to center yourself. You can use carnelian, citrine, axinite, moonstone, and/or yellow adventurine crystals to enhance this practice.

  • Bring your awareness to a point in the very center of your head. I do this by “thinking” about that point and may even touch it as a reminder of where it lives. Then I close my eyes and visualize the place I just touched.
  • Put one finger directly between your eyebrows and another at the base of your skull in the cleft at the top of your neck.
  • Imagine a point halfway between your two fingers.
  • Imagine a glowing white light at that point you just imagined.
  • Breathe in and imagine it glowing brighter.
  • Focus on the light.
  • Breathing in and out for counts of 13 (or as high as you can go)
  • Continue to focus on the light.
  • With your mind and intention, move the light to the base of your spine at your root chakra and let it resonate there as long as you can.
  • Move the light along the path of each chakra (sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown). Spend as much time with each individual chakra as needed.


  • Move the light to your solar plexus chakra at the navel of your belly.
  • Spend as much time here as needed.
  • Close your practice with a prayer or mantra of your choice.

This centering technique can be modified to meet your needs as you become proficient in the practice. In fact, it’s great to do with your significant other or spouse right before making love. Stay tuned for the next blog post where we’ll discuss the third technique, shielding.

Peace and blessings.


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