Stop the fighting. No not with others, although that would be nice; I’m taking about yourself. Why fight with yourself? Why wrestle with your demons? Because you were told they were dirty and evil so put them away, deep down where no one can see them right? This way of thinking is outdated it’s not only repressive but it’s absolutely wrong. Now, let’s be clear I’m not telling you to let your freak flag fly on this “I’ve got issues train;” but what I am suggesting is that we heal ourselves by allowing for our wounds to be seen. In order to treat something you must know the root cause. The continual programming that we have received through life, our egos, our relationships, and ultimately society; keep telling us to cover up our imperfections.  There is no way that we can continue to heal if we go on this way.

Stop fighting who you are and learn about yourself. Different activities like meditation, cooking, hobbies, crafts, and art can show you the version of yourself you have always tried to cover. You may not like the person you become initially, but maybe this is only your perception of that being. Take sometime to get to know the damaged parts of yourself. Ask it why and how did it get this way? Be honest but don’t judge it. Just be it. Be hurt, angry, mad, tired, fed up, frustrated. EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS! But don’t fight them. Let them merge with your consciousness and allow yourself to become complete.

You know that emptiness that we all feel sometimes deep inside? Yeah, that’s the you that you choose to ignore. The one who comes out when your stressed, or out of your comfort zone. And that version of yourself is right there not matter how hard you try to cover it up. So why not just accept it. I’m NOT saying you have to be content with being damaged; but a big part of healing is learning to love and accept yourself right where you are. Right here. Right now. No not the you in ten years when you are “where you want to be.” Not the you 5 years ago, “when things were simpler.” The you right now, the one who doesn’t always do what they should, but has made an effort to change. The person who seeks to better who they are while loving who they are.

Let me present a different way of thought. What if it was no longer about doing something about it but becoming it. What if your perception shifted from doing to being. Would you still be addicted to substances, feelings, things, emotions, or behaviors? Or would you learn in those moments of impulse of reaching for something outside of you, to just be?

So STOP FIGHTING YOURSELF, and START LOVING YOURSELF. The time is now, change is here and it begins with you.



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