“Urban Culture Decoded” Ft. Black Dot

Join us as we discuss “Urban Culture Decoded” Ft. Black Dot. We will address the topics brought forth in his new book, under the same title. We will speak on how we can bridge the generational gap between the youth of today; helping the elders better understand them.

The black Dot (Duane Bowser) is the author of Hip Hop Decoded.
He has lectured around the world on this very subject.In 1988 he was sign to B Boy Records as an artist in the group Tall Dark And Handsome,later on he released an independent album called A&R Killer.
The Black Dot grew up in the Bronx and witnessed the birth of the art form of what we call Hip Hop as it was handed down from the Pioneers. The black Dot also went on tour as the hype man for Tim Dog in which much success was achieved.
Now he is back for the Love of HIP HOP with his first solo album
WALK WITH ME Revealing his life experiences,secrets,social issues,skills and love of Hip Hop.




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