Healing From Sexual Abuse on Conversations with the Queen

This will be our 3rd annual “Healing From Sexual Abuse” Show! Every year we get bigger and better; while helping to raise awareness about this pertinent issue. This years panel will consist of 4 amazing women 

Ayesha NuRa: Sexual Empowerment coach, Antionetta Kenion Jewelz of comfort: Womb practitioner, Mama Omi over all holistic healer and creator of the womb meditation system, and Denika Laurie: Energy Healer and Sexual Abuse Survivor.

Healing From Sexual Abuse


Mama Omi 



This wonderful journey of “life healing” began in 2005.  During this time as a wife, mother of 4 and child care provider, there were many things in my life that needed to be put in serious perspective.  Simply put, I was imbalanced spiritually, mentally and physically.  As the nucleus of my family, where I go, they go.  This includes emotionally.  My beautiful daughter’s eczema covered her body 75%, my other children were experiencing various unhealthy situations and I was overweight.  Divine wisdom had a different message and I did not fight the reception.  Timing of these happenings came at a point in my life when I needed to come into my own divine understanding of self.  At this point of realization I did something many women feel they cannot do, come into a self realization that I must focus on my life’s purpose in order to be fully alive!   
My first step of healing was to change my diet and I was very surprised on how that opened me up to seek out answers on a spiritual level.  I believe that learning and healing takes a lifetime because there are so many level. I believe in holistic medicine because it makes me responsible for my own healing. 

I have been working with families and children since 1999 as owner and operator of Little Land Family Daycare in Maryland and Georgia. My love for children made my choice to be a doula a very natural transition. 

I am a Certified Massage Therapist , Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, Certified Doula, Certified Naturopathic Practitioner,  Midwife Apprentice,  Herbal-Vagi Steam Provider, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher,Certified Fertility Massage Therapist, Certified Infant Massage Therapist & Teacher and a Certified Ma Yoni’ at Yoga Instructor.  I am also the creator of the Womb Meditation System.

My approach to wellness with my clients is very connected to my journey. To truly heal, it must be a healing that beings with the spirit. And even though we may not all get to where we need to be in this lifetime, it is very important to begin your journey some where! 


Early Childhood Education AA – Montgomery College

Massage / Neuromuscular Therapy – Gwinnette College

Naturopathy – A Life of Peace Wellness

Usui Reiki – A Life of Peace Wellness

RA Sekhi – Ra Sekhi Arts Temple of Healing

Ma YONI at (Herbal-Vagi Steams) – Yoni Steam Institute

Certified Doula – Child Birth International / Ubuntu Birth Workers Collective Institute 

Certified Fertility Massage Therapist – Institute of Somatic Therapy

Certified Infant Massage Therapist /Teacher – Institute of Somatic Therapy


Ayesha NuRa


Warm Smile
Ayesha NuRa is an empowerment motivator who focuses on healing and uplifting the Divine feminine. 

She provides counseling, coaching and expertise in countless areas that lead to empowerment.

Through the healing modalities of meditation, self awareness, self-love, and affirmations, women and their partners are reminded of their God-given ability to heal from the inside out.

She offers a range of services including consulting, relationship analysis, personal growth advancement assistance, sensual and emotional health seminars and workshops, editing experience, creative writing classes, and many more.

Along with being an empowerment motivator, Ayesha NuRa had her first story published at the age of eleven and recognized at an early age that she was blessed with an ability to create through words.

In an effort to expand her horizons, Ayesha moved to Barbados in 2002 after graduating at the top of her class.

To further sharpen her talents, she is currently working on producing her first self-help/motivational book and writing her first novel.

Ayesha NuRa is the author of Keep It Real and Love Letters, an award winning Spoken Word Artist and a mother of one who currently resides in Barbados, where she spends her time as a poet, actress, freedom fighter, lover, sister and friend. (Not necessarily in that order.)

For bookings and other information, please email NuRaProductions@gmail.com


Antionetta Kenion 



I am a spiritually led woman who walks this Earth plane under the guidance of my ancestors and guides. I come from a long line of healers and intuitives. I connect with spirit in many ways: clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. I am able to assist you on your spiritual path in the present, near future and past lifes.  Discover all services provided and which servicewill better assist you.

I have acquired Bachelor of Science and Art degrees from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in African American Studies and Public Health Studies with concentrations in Women and Childrens Health.  With a few credits short in the fields of Anthropology and Women and Gender Studies; the focus has always been on the Original Woman. Through the Guilford County Health Department I am certified community health educator.  Doula training through Doulas of North America (DONA), I am currently completing my certification Ubuntu Birth Workers Collective Institute,Yoni Steam Practitioner through Ma Yoni’at, and currently working on other alternative healing modalities to better serve you.  Check back real soon for new and improved services. 

Through years of self education I am proficient in gemstone identification and selection for your healing needs. I am also knowledgeable of herbs and natural remedies to assist you in your healing journey.






Denika Laurie

Denika has worked as a Holistic Health Counselor & Practitioner using spiritual psychology methods for over 12 years. She received her training from the American Institute of Holistic Health & Wellness and The School of Theta DNA. She incorporates transpersonal techniques such as meditation, energy exercises, sound healing, and conscious programming to help people with self improvement and spiritual growth. Denika enhances her work by using her psychic and empathic abilities. She is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, The National Association for Professional Women and the National Association for Female Executives. Denika facilitates workshops, courses, and retreats, as well as private sessions for individuals.


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