Harnessing High Vibration Energy: Cleansing

aura cleansing

In my February 15th blog post, I shared an introduction about four techniques to harness high vibration energy. I also promised to provide information about each one in upcoming posts. I introduced the grounding technique in my March 7th blog postOn March 22nd, we talked about some centering techniquesOn April 22, shielding was the topic. Now, it’s time to discuss the last technique in the series, cleansing.  In this context, cleansing is focused on cleansing the aura. The aura is a field of subtle, luminous energy that surrounds each human being. It represents your spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional energies. Some people can see the color of auras with their natural eyes. Others can feel the energy. There are some who are not intuitive and don’t notice it at all. Each aura color represents different aspects of your energy and can tell people things about you. 

While the other techniques were proactive, while this technique is reactive. It’s a way of “cleansing” unwanted energy from your space once it’s already there. One of the most effective aura cleansing methods is smudging. You simply light some white ceremonial sage in a burner and run it around the perimeter of your body without touching it. The negative energy is pulled away by the smoke. Witches and Native American healers and shamans use this technique quite often. If you don’t have access to the sage, there are other herbs and essential oils like rosemary, hyssop, cedar, eucalyptus, and lemon that can be used. Another option is to take a spiritual bath with sea salt or pink salt. You can add the same essential oils as the herbs and essential oils mentioned above to the water, as well. Soak in the water for thirty minutes, drain the tub, and then wash off off in the shower. If you don’t have access to a bath or shower, you can simply visualize the white light of a shower encompassing you and removing the negative energy.

The third option is also a visualization. Simply visualize a white or gold light traveling through your aura and infuse it with your intention to cleanse. This option takes some imagination and the ability to see yourself in the spirit realm. You don’t have to see it as if it’s happening in real life, yet you should be able to think of the image and see it in your mind. While doing each of these options, it’s important to set your intention and take deep breaths in and out. Be sure to keep the smoke away from your face while you do so. Practicing deep breathing alone can clear your aura yet it’s even more powerful when you combine it with one of the options above. Now that your aura is cleansed, it’s important to infuse it with positive energy. You can do this by running smoke of frankincense, infused with your intentions, through your aura.Another option is to practice some of the grounding techniques from our second blog post in this series. It’s a good idea to include an aura cleansing practice in your daily routine. It works best first thing in the morning. In fact, I’m going to practice mine right now.

Peace and blessings.


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