The Elementary of Elemental Elements part 2 Ft. Amun T.S Yashua

Amun Yashua is the co-founder of an international corporation, known as KING GEE INC. Which stand for Knowledge Infinite National Government (KING) God Eternal Everlasting (GEE), King Gee Inc is a collaborate network, which is designed to create jobs and opportunities for Nubian people worldwide. Amun Tehuti-shil Yashua is a nationwide activist, online entrepreneur, business consultant, orator and an upcoming Author. Prior to being a upcoming author, Amun Yashua was a journalist at KING GEE INC. He wrote the Articles entitled: Dogon People and Tribe, Divine Mathematics vol 1 ,Divine Mathematics vol 2, The Nubian People, The Untold Secrets of the Moors, and one of his most dynamic and popular articles of all “The Elemental Series”. On July 2, 2014 Amun Tehuti-shil Yashua will publish his first book entitled: “Elementary of Elemental Elements:The Elements of Life” for more information contact Amun Yashua at


Join Conversations With The Queen as we discuss The Elementary of Elemental Elements part 2 Ft. Amun T.S Yashua. This topic will explain and explore the Ancient Kemetic Culture from a scientific prospective; as it pertains to this new book by the same name. The call in number is (347) 989-8183


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