Hathor Culture Presents: How to Unleash Your Creativity Ft. Satiah Analasquisqu

Join Hathor Culture as we welcome Satiah Dancingmoon Nvda Analasquisqu and her amazing insight on how to unleash your creative side. Satiah is an amazing all around creatress with gifts ranging from the visual arts, to spoken word. She will explain the connection between spirit and our inner creator/creatress and help us to express ourselves more freely. This will be an amazing show you do not want to miss. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ataensicmedia/2014/06/05/hathor-culture-presents-how-to-unleash-your-creativity-ft-satiah-analasquisqu

How to unleash Creativity

Artist Bio
Sabrina Pilet-Jones aka Satiah Analasquisqu

Born and raised In Boston Mass Sabrina Pilet Jones Has been creating for as long as she can remember As an Artist, Sabrina sees it as her duty to express the deep seated urge to create from her womb and convey the images and messages from her imagination. Sabrina enjoys using symbolism to explain herself through her art. What moves Sabrina to create is the never ending inspiration from her spirit and surroundings.
Sabrina enjoys using found wood and various objects to make something new and beautiful from something old. with an amazing gift for visual art. There is genius in her eye for color and pattern, fearless juxtaposition of motifs, and whimsical, unapologetic use of saturated, vibrant hues. Her visual work is metaphoric of her personality and creative vision: complex and vivid, bold and explorative, culturally relevant, and utterly unique.
Sabrina often depicts messages of her ancestors ,culture, society and female empowerment in her works. Sabrina facilitates creative and spiritual workshops throughout Mass to assist other people to tap into their creativity within, her mediums of choice are polymer clay, Acrylic paints,spray paint and patterned paper.

“I will always create because I have to, not because I want to “

“There’s and Itch and Urge in my hands that unexplainable and yearns to give birth to my pieces”

-Sabrina Pilet-Jones


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