ODUNDE 2014: Quick Recap! (^o^)/


Sunday was the OFFICIAL 39th ANNUAL ODUNDE FESTIVAL out on 23rd & South Streets in Philly! And here are the pictures I took during the day! It was so fantastic! Beautiful DAY, beautiful PEOPLE, beautiful CELEBRATION! I even got to face-paint! As far as the face-painting, it went from me making my face up before I even left the house, to me getting to  Odunde with the King and sitting him down on a small step off to the side so I could paint HIS face to match my look to…. “Hey, how much is your face-painting?”

All throughout the day, people were admiring us, taking pictures of us, stopping to talk to us–it was BEAUTIFUL…and HUMBLING. XOXO

Some folks out there thought that we were dancers/performers for the event and EVERYTHING because of the way we were all made up. Ha, ha! We weren’t, but if we WERE, that…

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