You Just Might Need Those Weeds!

Love this I’m going to go foraging ASAP!!!

Prairie Oaks Reserve

There is an abundance of nutritionally dense, powerfully medicinal, vitamin and mineral-rich plants that can be found in almost every yard. These plants aren’t cultivated, they aren’t watered, and they aren’t considered useful in any way. We call them weeds and we see them as a nuisance, however many of them actually hold an astounding amount of medicinal and nutritional potential.

I have put together these plant profiles so that we can call these plants by their actual names and know them for their real potential.

[Warning: Before you harvest these plants, make sure you have properly identified the plant and that the place from which you are harvesting has not been sprayed with any fertlizers or herbicides!]


Galium aparine [Rubiaceae]



Annual plant that sticks to your clothing. Has star-like leaves in a whorl around long squared stem.


Edible leaves and stems; Medicinal: diuretic, lymphatic, detoxifier, mild astringent, strengthens immune system; Wildlife…

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