Law of Attraction The Law of attraction by Daryl Mooney

Daryl Mooney on the Law of Attraction The Law of attraction (LOA) was made popular by a fantastic new thought movie called “The Secret”. The reality is LOA is not new, nor is it a religion or cult movement although some treat it as such. LOA goes against what we have been taught that “opposites attract” when LOA is “like attracts like”. LOA says that you are a living magnet. Your thoughts radiate out from you like energy waves and attract back into your life people and circumstances in harmony with those dominant thoughts. when you emotionalize a thought, with either desire or fear, you dramatically increase the vibration the rate of vibration of that thought and more rapidly attract into your life circumstances in harmony with it. When you think about, imagine, and visualize a positive, exciting outcome, you create a force field of energy that attracts into your life ideas, relationships, people, opportunities, money, and healing that help make your goal a reality. For Instance when I desired a mate and at the time I was dating 3 women, neither of them proved worthy so I let them all go. I visualized and imagined my perfect mate, a dark-skinned, sexy, pretty, conscious and cultural woman and soon she came into my life. I had to let go off the good to attract the great. The law of attraction is very powerful. It is also neutral. If you think positive, constructive thoughts about your personal and financial goals, you attract into your life the resources necessary to achieve them. If you think negative destructive thoughts of fear and worry, you attract negative situations and problems consistent with your thoughts. The choice is yours. We must also realize the law of attraction is incomplete if you don’t understand and practice the next blog The Law of Action!!!




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