Eating “Rawesome” Foods

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A few years ago, I had the pleasure of hearing celebrity herbalist Djheuty Ma’at Ra speak in Cincinnati, Ohio. At this time, I was living a Paleo eating lifestyle after a failed attempt at veganism. He spoke about the benefits of raw foods and how eating raw was the best way to detox and heal at a cellular level. I remember thinking that every raw foodist I knew was way too thin, kind of spacy, and extremely judgmental, so I put his information on the shelf. I’ve learned to never discount what I haven’t experienced first hand for myself. Despite what I learned, I continued on with my Paleo lifestyle. I was eating organic, grass-fed, pastured, and cage free meat so I didn’t experience all of the same symptoms as I did when I ate conventional meat. Since I was still doing high impact cardio and hitting the weights, this way of eating seemed to work well for me.

As I began to reprogram my subconscious mind with sonic healing, my desire for high impact workouts decreased. Instead, I was led to deepen my yoga practice and spend more time being still. Within a short period of time, I started experiencing issues like acid reflux, “sweating out” my natural deodorant, I discovered a new fibroid which was causing heavy bleeding, and my breast cysts returned. I also noticed my urine and feces had a putrid smell when excreted. I knew right away I had to cut meat out of my diet again yet all I could remember is my failed attempt at veganism. As fate would have it, I learned about David Wolfe who had an interesting approach to a raw vegan lifestyle. He wasn’t extremely skinny and while a bit eccentric, he wasn’t a space cadet so I started listening to his recordings on Food Matters TV. Then, I purchased his book The Sunfood Diet Success System. His book was so amazing because he shared ways to avoid all of the common issues with a vegan lifestyle. Since I’m not an animal activist, I decided to try a vegetarian lifestyle and see how it worked.

Within two weeks, I was no longer experiencing acid reflux. With the help of my herbal formulas, I was able to dissolve the fibroid that had returned and the heavy bleeding stopped, as well. While I experienced great success in these areas, I still had natural deodorant fails (not as many though) and those pesky breast cysts were hanging on for dear life. I decided it was time to practice a raw until 4 lifestyle so I started studying to learn more. I read and reread books by Dr. Afrika, Queen Afua, Muata Ashby, and many others who looked like me. I combined the knowledge from David Wolfe with the knowledge of my people and started practicing. Within three weeks, I released fifteen pounds (I wasn’t even trying) and guess what? I could go days without deodorant and experience no fails. The breast cysts started shrinking yet they didn’t go away. I have a sneaking suspicion that one of my special herbal blends along with a juice cleanse or water fast might help resolve that issue.

After eating raw until four for quite some time, I decided to do a full raw cleanse. I felt even better. I added my famous gorilla juice recipe (chlorella, spirulina, stevia, and fresh lemon juice) to the regimen and life was grand. Since I take detox baths on a regular basis, my skin glows. In fact, many of my friends who I hadn’t seen in a long time didn’t recognize me. I made the mistake of going back to eating most of my meals cooked and I paid for it. I was constipated, bloated, and feeling lethargic. Two days of eating “rawesome” foods until 4 got me right back on track. I don’t do eating lifestyle labels, however, if I had to pick one, I’d say I’m a 80% raw vegetarian.

Are you interested in a partial or full raw food eating lifestyle? Have you tried it and failed? Or are you living the raw life like it’s nobody’s business? I’d love to hear about your desires and/or experiences in the comments.

Peace and blessings.


2 thoughts on “Eating “Rawesome” Foods

  1. Peace, this was really inspiring, especially the “raw until 4” part. I’ve always thought that to really benefit from eating raw foods u would have to go completely raw but as I seen from this post that’s not the case which is really powerful to hear. I’m definitely interested in a partial raw food lifestyle. Thanks for this.

    • Awesome! We tend to have an all or nothing mentality when the reality is we have to find our own truth and do what works best for our bodies. Peace and blessings to you on your journey.

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