The Law of Action by Daryl Mooney

Once we embrace and practice the Law of Attraction we must balance it by embracing and practicing the Law of Action. Without it all of are thoughts, affirmations, feelings, vision boards, etc. are fantasy or a pipe dream at best. We must eventually get in physical motion to manifest our desires and dreams. Perhaps the most identifiable quality of a person who manifests their reality is one who is in continuous motion. They are always trying new things, and if it does not work out they try something else. Action must be taken if you want to be successful rather you are looking for a mate, education, a career, an opportunity or a business.

A person of action continuously reacts and responds constructively to change, tries new methods, abandons activities that don’t work, picks themselves up after every defeat, and trying once more, they eventually achieve victory in what ever desire they have. First you learn some things, then try more things, then persist longer than anyone else. The result of these actions is that you dramatically increase the Law of Probabilities so you can succeed greatly. If you launch toward your goal and resolve in advance to never give up, your success is virtually guaranteed.

What happen s if you go for it and things don’t manifest as you desired? You don’t look at it has a failure you look at it has a result. You find the learn the lesson, grow and with new information go for it again. What if you have taken actions for many years and it still has not worked out for you? Then you become flexible and adjust your dreams and goals and look for other avenues or vehicles where you can use your talents to manifest your dream. For example when i attended a Millionaire Mind Seminar the great wealth specialist T. Harv Eker told me if my comedy career was not going in a certain prosperous direction to add humor to my love of business, entrepreneurship and millionaire mind teachings. As I took his advice and made that shift by adding humor and accelerated learning techniques to my empowerment and prosperity presentations my life as prospered. The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get different results”. You must be flexible in your approach if something is not working change tactics and strategies.

People who manifest their desires are not smarter or better than you they have just figured out the right actions to take. Action steps to manifest your desires is

1. Decide what you want

2. Write it down

3. Set a deadline.

4. List the things you must do.

5. Organize your list into a plan

5. Take action on it immediately even if it’s just an email or a phone call.

6. Do something everyday towards your most important goal.

The most important thing you must realize successful people and folks who create their positive reality are action-oriented. They are constantly in motion. They are busy on some level all the time. To become action-oriented, you must develop a sense of urgency. It is what you do today that determines your tomorrow. Take Action Now. For u to take Action elegantly you must understand the next Blog The Law of Courage.





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