Natural Soap That Makes You Glad You Have Nostrils

The amazing aroma filled my room as if a Caribbean breeze had gifted me with the fragrance of ripening tropical fruit. As I delighted in the truly orgasmic sensation I remembered what was creating this divine fragrance; my Muki Nuku all natural soap.

The gods themselves were envious of the luxurious texture and smell of these creatively genius concoctions created by brother Muti Mehduty Sen Sekhem himself; handmade and 100% vegan that’s just my speed. When I tell you that I love natural soap it doesn’t come from a purely cosmetic reasoning. As you may or may not know, I eat a plant-based diet filled with as much natural and organic food as possible; so a common concern that I share with many others who choose this lifestyle for various reasons, is what exactly is in my cosmetics?

One rule of measure that I apply to my foods also applies here. If I cannot read it I DO NOT EAT/USE IT. What this simply means is, I’m just not enthused about using cosmetics or eating foods that are laden with toxic chemical compounds tested on laboratory animals. NO SIR, I much rather enjoy the products of mama nature herself than become a guinea pig for anyone’s cosmetic chemical experiment. My spirituality contends that my body is a temple and when I use this soap I feel as if I am honoring that pact with myself and the divine.


Not only are they crafted with care but they come in varieties for everyone’s personal taste. The Moor Rockin’ is a crowd pleaser with its insatiable organic vanilla notes and sweet undertones it definitely is an amazing way to exfoliate.  My king really took to this scent and when I asked him how he enjoyed his free sample he said, “I freaking love that soap!”

I on the other hand loved the Mellow Melon. It brought me to my knees with its refreshing scent so reminiscent of real fruit that I had to stop myself from attempting to taste the substance that made my mouth water so abundantly.

Last but not least I was blessed to sample the Mimosa Shower. Although I ended up giving it to my cousin I know that its fruity scent would have come in a close second to my primary choice. “It’s Great I use it every day,” was the response I received after asking how she enjoyed my little present.

Flavorful scents that make you glad you have nostrils! This man has created a product that even the bees can’t stay away from. Ahhh, I can almost smell them know. The only drawback to this soap is that they are not purchased in infinite supply.  Everyone who tried these soaps had nothing but amazing things to say about them. When I asked about the soaps it was as if their faces instantly lite up with the joy of remembering how they smelled and felt. Oh yeah, did I mention that my mom tried to steal some? Yeah, they are just that good.


Not because I have run out of ways to help you understand not only the benefit but the pure pleasure of using these soaps but at the risk of running out of memory on my blog I will stop here. I can only hope that you will take my sound advice and purchase this soap asap, but the choice is yours. For now I will just anticipate the next time I can get my hands on some!

To purchase your own Muki Nuku soaps visit

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