What Came First? The Chicken or the Egg? The Troubling Truth of the Chronological Deception and Oppression of the 3 Monotheistic Religion on African People

It is a given that ironically in the year 2014 that many people of African descent, not just here in America but on the continent and around the world are predominately Christian. Much of this has to do with the fact that traditionally for the past 2,000 years, Christianity spiritually but more importantly politically, physically and psychologically has had such a choke hold over the affairs of world events and societies. It cannot be overlooked and glossed over the negative effects that Christianity has had on world culture. This is especially true with such cultures that originally did not partake in or whose spirituality or spiritual foundation was not centered on Christianity to begin with. These cultures mainly pertain to African & Asian cultures or what is generally categorized as non-Western cultures. The term Western has been and still continues to be used slickly as a means of demeaning and down casting the validity that non-Western or Eastern spirituality had and continues to have not only on the West but the world over. Such spiritual systems and philosophies include Buddhism (India/Tibet), Daoism & Confusionism (China) & predominately Animism, the acknowledgement & worship of one’s Ancestors/Ancestry (Africa, Dreamtime among the Australian Aborigines & Shamanism amongst the Native Americans).

Now the question that should come to mind is why so many of African descent especially here in North America turned and continue to turn to Islam? Why is Islam seen as the “Black man/African’s religion” given that it is the youngest of the 3 monotheistic religions (only just over 1,400 years old in contrast to Christianity’s 2,000 years and Hebrewism/Judaism’s 4,000 years)? The main reason being lies in the chronology of which religion catapulted the start of the trading of human flesh in bondage. Many Africans here in America as early as the 1920s and 1930s with movements such as Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish Science Temple and Elijah Muhammad’s Nation of Islam converted to Islam. Such converted grew at its apex from the last half of the 20th century, particularly the decades between the 1950s and the 1970s with the start of the Civil Rights Movement.
Many Blacks became disillusioned with Christianity as a religion to rely on due to its slave heritage and turned to other alternatives and so many went to Islam. It was preached by the likes of Elijah Muhammad and many others that Islam is the African man’s religion or the true way of life for African people. It can be said though that out of all of the 3 monotheistic religion, Islam amongst many of its practitioners tends to be the most traditional and tied into African culture and customs in contrast to Judeo-Christianity which among practitioners tend to be Westernized and complacent. This is not however rid the fact of the matter that Islam was the first religion to start up what would eventually lead into one of the most adverse atrocities in African world history, the implementation of the African slave trade.

There is no doubt that the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was horrendous. Yet, this trade would not have been successful had it not been for the influence of the Arabs who invaded Africa. They enslaved and/or killed Africans who would not submit to Islam by the sword. Many of the tactics that White slave masters would use on slaves, especially Black males such as castrating were enacted by the Arabs. Black males were traded and used as servants, soldiers or laborers. The castrated Black males in the Arab slave trade were called Eunuchs. This was a tactic used to emasculate Black males so that Arab men could have better access to African women to mix with and conceive children. This served as a means of tying their bloodline and having access domain over North Africa which is why not many dark skinned Africans cannot be found in this region except when spread out. The African women were used and traded by Arab men as concubines and servants.

The Arab Slave Trade predates the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade by 700 years and lasted a lot longer. It started among the shipping port of Zanzibar in East and Southeast Africa in the 700-800s AD. This was where many Africans, particularly the Bantu people were brought from to the Middle East and as Far East as India. The present day descendants of the East/Southeast Africans residing there in India today are called the Siddhi people. This is the side of Arab/Islamic history that is rarely brought to the attention to the media to the consciousness of Africans in the Diaspora. It is a common mistake that too often when a person of African descent in America practices his/her culture devoid of religion; he/she is relegated to be Muslim, as if being Muslim is synonymous to African culture, to being African. If Islam is 1,400 years old then what were African people practicing prior to Islam? Islam does not have an ancient enough history to be on the same pedestal or on par with African culture and that includes Christianity and Hebrewism/Judaism. The reason for this confusion is due to the Nation of Islam (N.O.I) strong presence and affiliation with the Muslim faith.

So now it has been cleared that even though Islam is the youngest of the 3 Monotheistic religions it was among the 1st to participate in the trading of millions of African people in bondage a couple of centuries before Christianity. This is not to say or to generalize all Christians, Jews and Muslims as all bad. When you look at the chronology of all the wickedness and crimes that have been inflicted on people around the world, it all stems to religion. So now that it can be seen that there is as much dirt in Islam as there is in Christianity, than what in all honesty is the true faith for Africans? The answer would have to be that it lies prior to Monotheism, even before the oldest of the old, Judaism/Hebrewism. There are many die-hard Black Hebrew Israelites that are gung ho about Africans not being Egyptians and that they were the original Hebrews. Many say that Egypt is evil and enslaved Israelites.

First of all the word Israel is Egyptian. It is a composite word, short for Isis, Ra & El, Isis-Ra-El, Is-Ra-El, Israel. This is also true with the 1st chapter among the 5 Books of Moses, the book of Genesis, Gene Isis, Gene of Isis, the Genealogy of Isis. Secondly, the true story has been flipped upside down. The Egyptians never enslaved the so-called Israelites or Hebrews. It was the Hebrews who enslaved the Egyptians for roughly 430 years. Although groups in Africa such as the Lemba tribe in South Africa and the Falasha people in Ethiopia are considered the true Hebrews, it has to be understood that the Hebrews are tie to a group of people called Semites. Among that group of people, the languages are these Semites speak is called Semitic. Semi means half with Semitic meaning mixed breed, not pure. With that being said, the Semites would actually be your modern day Mediterranean & Arab people (EX: Greeks, Italians, Albanians, Iranians, Ottoman Turks, etc.) who in ancient times were the Persians, Greeks, Romans, Assyrians, and Arabs that invaded Egypt and mixed in.

So the Black Hebrew Israelites that claim themselves to be Hebrews are claiming themselves to be mixed breed Africans, not full blooded. They are blindly claiming their lineage to a people that are more racially and genetically mixed up than they are. Even the name Hebrew does not have much significance. It just simply means “to crossover.” This is another example that points out that the original Hebrews were not Black but were tied to the Hyksos, Hittites, Haribus (ancient name for Hebrews) otherwise known as the Shepherd Kings who were nomadic goat herders that crossed over to Egypt many times. They were a by-product of mixed African/Nubian/Egyptian and Germanic people of the Germanic tribes in Europe.

So in conclusion, there was a time a place when Islam was a necessary step for Blacks in America. It was a school of thought to get us out of the vestiges of mental slavery that wreaked havoc on our ancestors’ minds by way of Euro-Christianity. But as we dug back even further chronologically in the past, we found that Arab-Islam had our ancestors in chains mentally and physically. We also assumed that Islam was the true religion of Africans because many Africans before the European incursion of the Trans-Atlantic Trade were Muslim. So we assume that because many of our African ancestors were Muslims straight on the continent, the Motherland, that the religion of Islam was 100% completely homegrown and indigenous. This is completely untrue! This includes Judaism/Hebrewism where even the so-called Jews (correctly called Kharzars/Ashkenazis of Russia) had a hand in the Arab and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. So then until we finally think outside the Monotheistic box and go back to our African spirituality when it was at its purest, we will continue to be mentally, spiritually and psychologically subjugated as we are witnessing with the recent events that have been unfolding upon us.