I understand that women had it hard in early American society. They couldn’t vote, and were mainly seen as beings who only belonged in the home, while men worked and provided. In some cases, if the husband died, the women were left confused because they didn’t know how to balance a check book or even know how to fill out a job application.

In today’s times after women went for theirs and got it, it seems as if certain systems set in place that needs to be overhauled to make it fair across the board, they aren’t fighting to make happen.

Feminism was meant to be for equality for women, and I respect that cause I love women and want a peaceful existence with them. But when the last 35 years or so indicates that it has broken up the idea of the family unit, along with welfare being so easily available with rules excluding the men, normally in Black communities across America, it makes you wonder was this the end game that was planned in the first place?

I’m not saying women shouldn’t have rights. But when you have child support with some messed up laws & regulations, section 8 housing with its oddball rules and regulations, along with government enforcing rules across the board that seem to penalize men for being men, then something is definitely wrong with today’s feminist movement. I don’t like where this has gone, and I want to help stop with the bullsh!+.

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