An Internal Love Affair

What does it mean to be in an internal love affair? Now and days, everyone is looking for love. People are in search of love everywhere, whether it is at the club on Saturday night with the cutie who bought us a drink, or a chance encounter with the beauty at Starbucks, or at church in hopes for a spiritually righteous partner. We are looking for the perfect mate, in a boy/girl friend, husband/wife, or best friend/companion. We look for happiness, and joy, and for someone to complete us. And when our partner cannot live up to our expectations, we are left feeling empty and in search of our next fix for our addiction in our partners.. The temporary satisfaction from our fear of abandonment, the insecurities of whether we are good enough, and the longing for contentment and love keep us yearning for affection. The addiction creates the illusion of happiness. However, the only true solution can only be satisfied when we have a true connection with our Divine Self.

It is in balancing the masculine and feminine principles within our own being that true love and companionship can be found. Every external relationship that we are in is only mirroring the personal, internal relationship that we have with ourselves. All of creation is a manifestation of the union of the masculine and feminine principle, for example, heaven & earth, fire & water, sun & moon. Even our own existence is the manifestation of the union between our mother and father. Therefore, we must realize that the first relationship that we are in is the one with our very own self. If want to be loved, you must first love yourself. If you are searching for someone to live in harmony with, you must first find the balance and harmony in your own personal life. Our ancestors stated, “As above, so below; as within, so without.” It is impossible to experience something externally, without experiencing them internally first. Most people are unaware of this and spend the majority of their life looking for love in all the wrong places. The truth is that your Divine Mate exists within you. This relationship should be your main priority. You should learn to love, nurture and cultivate yourself so that your external relationship will be reflected. Love YourSelf First!!! Vibrate High, My Loves!!!