Why Health, Wealth, & Romance? Ft. L’dia Men Na’a & Asad Khan

Ldia show 2

Join us this Thursday @7:30pm Et  for, “Why Health, Wealth, and Romance?” Are curious about why things happen in your life? Asad and L’Dia use their natural instincts and knowledge of mathematics for supporting our clients. They encourage their clients to become more aware of how to flow and navigate through their personal cycles for a sense of well-being and clarity about lifes lessons. The Call in number is 347.989.8381 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ataensicmedia/2014/10/16/why-health-wealth-and-romance-pt-2-ft-ldia-muhammad-asad-khan

L’dia Men-Na’a,


L’dia Men-Na’a, Numerologist/Aromatherapist Life Skills Consultant
HIV/STI/Substance Abuse Prevention Wholistic Health Educator,
Pre-Birth Parenting & Certified Childbirth Educator.

Group:       https://www.facebook.com/groups/whenyouteachawoman/
Website:    http://www.healthwealthandromance.com/

Asad Menq-Khan


Asad Menq-Khan, Cryptozoologist, Crystal Energy Body Worker, Wholistic Health Consultant, loves sharing with others. He has a great compassion for the world and wants to dedicate himself towards supporting others to improve the quality of their lives. He enjoys being the humanitarian, addressing the needs of society, guiding and directing community towards peace and harmony.



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