Hathor Culture: Life Cycles – Ptah Ra Tehuti

With rhythmic, smooth, trap and classic Hip-hop instrumentals; the “Life Cycles” album showcases the amazing variety of the artist known as, Ptah Ra Tehuti. He blends the seams of classic and southern hip-hop perfectly. His ability to captivate with simplistic yet powerful lyrics; lends to the message of paradigm shift music. Instant hits like Sunshine, More, and Behind Enemy lines; paint the picture of an immensely talented artist.



Paradigm Shift Music is music with the ability to change the current state of the perceived collective consciousness. In other words paradigm shift music is all about encouraging the emergence of new ways of thinking by creating a medium that can communicate with all people. Like Ptah said in his most recent interview on Conversations with the Queen , “Paradigm Shift Music is for everyone.”


To me paradigm shift music represents the creative space where the minds of the future meets the music of today; allowing them to balance each other and create a bridge in the now toward creating a more stable future. Music has always been seen two ways, as a form of self-expression and as a tool to manipulate or transform consciousness; when both of these purposes meet you have nothing other than paradigm shift music itself.


Throughout the album you will experience many different “subgenres” of hip-hop sound, all of them distinct yet complimentary. Whether you chose to play the album straight through or to skip around and find your favorite tracks, you will not be disappointed in what the album has to offer. My personal favorite off of the album is Sunshine. I remember the first time I heard the song, it instantly took over my spirit, I began to nod and become hypnotized by the comforting familiarity of the track. The uplifting lyrics serve as the cherry atop this musical sundae making the song perfect for moments when nothing seems to be going your way. The lyrics and sound of this song are the perfect remedy for any tempered mood or to add to the vibration of an already amazing moment.


Another favorite of mine is the song More; as the title suggests it will leave you wanting more that a 2:12 teaser of this smooth instrumental and perfectly tuned flow. This song will leave you lost in the nostalgic remembrance of when sounds like this ruled the airwaves. An apparent homage to the classic hip-hop sound while remaining grounded in a modern flow. This song merges some of my favorite elements for creating instantly classic hits. I will continue to bump this song on replay until the lyrics are infectiously planted in my mind.



Finally Behind Enemy Lines, the harder of my top three tracks. This song mixes a trap beat with a militant sound and lyrical overview. Regardless of what your “grind” is this song is an instant motivation for your hustle. This song straddles the line of relaying the message that is relatable to many while offering a bit of insight without appearing as an overly “conscious” hip-hop song. Thus reinforcing the concept of paradigm shift music; creating that bridge between a sound and an idea and bringing forth a new way of thought. Behind Enemy Lines rounds out the contrast of variety of music found on this record, it lends to the alchemical brew of brilliance that is showcased in this music.



As for the rest of the album, I guess you will have to download it and find out for yourself, but trust me it will be an investment you will not regret. In the words of Marcus Garvey, “One civilization is not complete without it’s art, the highest form of human intelligence,” and investment in art like this can only further lend to the creation of more great art that will influence the necessary changes in this world.


 The album, Life Cycles, is available for download here









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