Material Love vs. the Spirit of Love


In today’s society, our definition of love seems to be equivalent to who we are attracted to, who has the most style, how much money or status one holds. Love in our society is based purely on materialism. Materialism is our biggest addiction. The media helps to emphasizes the need for materialism. The media is continuously programming into the masses the need for more…more food, more furniture, more cars, more homes, more luxuries. We can never be satisfied with our life. Television uses shows like Love & Hip Hop and The Housewives of Atlanta to showcase the lifestyles of the rich and famous. They spend money without responsibility on jewelry, cars, houses that were mostly bought on credit, but pretend to floss the newest brand Versace or a new surgical implant. The image is because they are “rich”, they have it all.

However, none of these celebrities seem truly happy, do they? It seems as though they live a miserable existence. We usually only think about their misery as being entertainment. We don’t think of the fact that they are actually miserable. We hardly ever realize that they are abusing substances like drugs and alcohol just to make it thru the next take. What we see is that they have material things. We think that their lives are easier because of the things they can buy.

Remember the saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side.” We idolize these celebrities. We want what they have, and before we know it, we are lusting after these things too. We want the so-called “better things in life” and we demand them for ourselves and from our loved ones. We become so consumed by our love of materialism. The temptation is always waiting, gleaming for you to take a taste. We start to demand this from our partners and from our relationships. If you love me, you would buy me a diamond. If you love me, you would take me to a fancy restaurant for a romantic evening out. If you love me, you would give me money, or pay my bills, or buy me expensive things. The media programs us to believe that love can be measured by what can be bought. The media is destroying marriages, families, friendships, and the community with their false portrayal of what love is supposed to look like…a portrayal that has nothing to do with spirit. If the expression of love you are witnessing has nothing to do with spirit, then it is only being set up for failure.

What is the true value of love? Love is kind. Love is gentle. Love has no expectations. Love allows you the freedom to be your true self. Love is not something that can be bought. Love is something that is to be given freely and without consequence. When we are interacting with our partners, we should be looking for ways to nurture them. We should be creating an atmosphere of rejuvenation. Love doesn’t have boundaries. Love is freedom. Love allow us to have fun and laugh hard with your partner. Even during hard times, Love should be supportive. Obstacles, challenges, and hardships is something that is confronted together. Love is the force that allows them to be vulnerable and heal from pains of the past. Love inspires. Love motivates. Love creates. Love grows stronger. Love is the sweet nothings whispered in your ear. Love is the kisses good morning. It is the words of poetry expressed when addressing the one you love. It is the hugs after a long day away. It is the constant thoughts whenever you are apart. Yes, Love takes work on the parts of both people. But it can never, ever be defined by any material thing. The true value of love comes from the spirit of life. Love cannot be captured in a physical item. It can only be expressed. Love is the spiritual power that we can experience only through spiritual cultivation, not from the lust of material objects. Love is the spirit that gives life. The relationships that thrive, flourish, blossom, bloom and bear fruit are the ones where the people involved are spiritually in tune. When we view our companions as divinities, that is as spiritual beings having a human experience, then spirit will be at the forefront of our relationships. When spirit is at the forefront of our relationships, couples will be able to develop eternal bonds, long lasting prosperous unions. The revolution begins with yourself and your family. When the family unit is strong, then the community will grow strong. This will lead our nation’s evolution back into greatness.