Fix My Thyroid!


How many people suffer from a thyroid disorder and have tried everything with no luck? This was my experience for several years. My blood work showed that my levels of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) were balanced, yet, I was constantly tired, couldn’t lose excess weight, experienced dry and breaking hair, and had fibrocystic breast disease.

I decided to try food therapy so I ate seaweed like it was going out of style. To no avail, I still felt like crap. One day, I was giving blood and realized how quickly my body absorbed the iodine that was swabbed on my skin. Being the medical intuitive that I am, I decided to try my own experiment. I purchased an iodine tincture with iodine and iodide and swabbed it on my thyroid gland each night before bed. Within weeks, I had energy, my weight loss resumed, my hair condition improved, and the cysts in my breasts started to “shrink.”

After the experiment, I decided to conduct some research and determined that transdermal application of iodine actually helped decrease the amount of radioactive iodine (full of heavy metals) in my body. It also served as a detox from fluoride, mercury, and bromine. With all of these toxins out of the way, my body could operate properly and begin to heal on it’s own. Then I learned the connection between the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and thyroid gland which helped to resume the weight loss.

Generally, transdermal iodine therapy is considered safe and effective. Whether you apply a few drops to your wrists and rub them together or rub the drops into your affected areas (thyroid, breast, etc.), the results are the same. In addition to transdermal therapy, I consumed supporting nutrients to help with the issue. Brazil nuts for selenium and red hibiscus tea for vitamin C. Once my body felt stabilized, I ceased the transdermal therapy and made sure sea vegetables became a staple in my diet along with the brazil nuts and vitamin C. In addition, I reduced or eliminated my intake of soy, cassava (goodbye foufou), broccoli, and cauliflower as they all interfere with the absorption of iodine. I also started this therapy with my children as I learned that Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, learning disabilities were often a result of iodine deficiency. They loved rubbing the red fluid into their wrists and seeing how much time it took to soak into their skin or not.

While I’m not a medical professional, I encourage you to seriously consider monitoring the state of your thyroid as it impacts so many other aspects of your health and well being. My thyroid has been fixed and I look forward to hearing your stories as well.

Peace and blessings.


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