Money Over Everything Helps 70% of Poor People Problems

Most of us in the lower realms of the social ladder understand that cash can cure many of our problems. People will bad mouth the rich and wealthy, while few of us try to learn from the ones who got the family set up properly in the first place.

We need credit and cash in America, and you must take the time to learn how, and apply them to your situation in order to find a way to prosperity. But once you touch status, don’t be a dumb a**.

There are folks who get money, or land a job/career that’ll pay them a lot, but are classless beyond belief. Some have insecurities and knocks in their personality that need repair, but never do so because they feel money can cure that inner demon.

Yes, I need money, you need money, and those who have it are always hunting for more. But if you have the opportunity, or the skills to reach an opportunity, face the person in the mirror first before you end up right where you started, but now with a sob story and nothing to show for it. Topic will be further discussed on Welcome to the Swamp this Sunday.


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