The Full Moon and What It Means to You

How’s everyone doing tonight? Great? Can I get an “Oh yeaaa!” so I know it’s real?

I’m the new girl on the block and I want to dive right in with all the happenings occurring in the cosmos really soon.

Next Full Moon: This Thursday, November 6th

Next Full Moon: This Thursday, November 6th

Every since I could remember, I was always fixated with the moon. The moon intrigued me so much to the point that it became my mental escape. I could gaze at it for what seemed like eternity and completely forget about whatever was going on here on Earth. When I think back to all those moments of awe and wonder, I’ve realized that at most times, it was during a full moon. The moon was at it brightest and biggest in the sky. Every crater and imperfection perfectly seen on a clear night. Oh yes, the moon was stealing the show. What I didn’t know at the time was how powerful the moon’s effect was on us in general.


You’ve probably heard a gazillion references to how the full moon affects people. Thanks to the media, it has mostly been publicized as a lunar event that is the cause for ALL the massive sudden craziness that people exhibit. Yea, what a way to blame the moon on a society that acts completely nuts in general, right? I mean there is SOME truth to it, as we can all agree that there is no coincidence that the word “lunatic” has a 99.9999% chance of deriving from “lunar”. However, let’s dig a little deeper than the surface of just labeling the full moon as the catalyst for crazy.

The full moon symbolizes a time of release and clearing in your life. Imagine having a basket in your room that collects all the things you no longer want or use anymore. The basket starts getting full and eventually you can see that its starting to expand on all sides. Ok, let’s just be real and say that this basket is simply your trash can. A fancy trash can. As it starts reaching mass capacity for the things that no longer serve you, its clear that its time to throw it all out so that you can start anew. This is similar to the process in which the moon waxes to reach its full glory. Only in this way, the moon’s energy carries the potential of clearing the way for your intentions and desires to manifest at warp speed.

In many ways, the full moon also symbolizes an ending of some sort. Now how you perceive the “ending” or how the ending reveals itself is intuitively up to you, but it’s important to realize that both the release, clearing AND ending go hand in hand. In order to receive something, you have to release something else. There’s no way around it. And if there is, I would really like to know how you got around the laws of physics. Sometimes you may find yourself internally having fist fights with yourself because you may not feel quite ready to let go. Yet there’s a nagging at your spirit to let go anyway. My advice? Listen to your higher self and let go of that thing!

So right now you’re probably wondering how exactly to release, clear and see this as an happy ending that has an “ever after”. I mean its not like you can jump up to the moon, dap it and have a heart-to-heart. You may freeze to death! (Among other things). How exactly do you go about maximizing on the energy of the full moon for YOUR benefit?

One Word.





No. No. Ritual does not automatically equal witch. Please know that almost every practice that is practiced is considered a ritual. It’s just given different names.


A simple ritual that I do during the full moon is called “The Burning Bowl”. This particular ritual was inspired by the work of Graceful Empowerment. To start, all you need is a piece of paper, a lighter or match, a sage smudge stick, a candle and a ceramic bowl.


  1. Smudge yourself to clear your aura and the energy in your room.
  2. Light your candle of choice and sit in the middle of your floor.
  3. Grab your pieces of paper, fold them in half and create small slips.
  4. Take the time to really hone in on the things you want to release. Go as deep as you can within to discover what no longer serves you. Take several deep breaths.
  5. Recite what you wrote on the pieces of paper out loud and rip them up immediately after.
  6. Light the ripped up pieces of paper one by one in your ceramic bowl. Be sure to set the intention of release as you watch the flames consume and physically release your worries, concerns, fears and doubts.
  7. Say a short affirmation prayer of gratitude to seal the intention of release.
  8. Smudge yourself again to rid of any negative energy that may have been released from the burning.
  9. Take a few more deep breaths and feel the energetic shift.

With this ritual, you’ll find that you will feel much lighter in your spirit as the space has been created for all your desires to draw themselves straight to you. In my experiences, I usually utilize this ritual interchangeably with the new moon with the slight difference of writing my desired intentions.

110108_ACS_Burning Bowl

This is the perfect time to take advantage of this simple ritual. To build up to the actual occurrence of the full moon, start reflecting on the things you’re ready to let go of so that you have a head start.

What is coming to mind for you?