Peace, everyone! It’s been a while, I know…there were some things I had to deal with on my end but now I’m BACK and we can keep it moving and continue our  “To PAINT or NOT to Paint?: The SHOPPING EXPERIENCE!” series!  Now that you know all about some of these brands out here, in this final installment, I’ll briefly cover paint series and some cool places to buy art supplies for reasonable prices. LET’S GO! ❤


Have you ever seen a tube, bottle or jar of paint and it had a number on it like in the picture above? Maybe you paid more attention to the color than those silly numbers, right? But guess what? Those silly numbers have more to do with those colors you’re attracted to (AND how much you pay for them) than you think. 😉

What DO those numbers stand for anyway? 

Paints are numbered in a series from 1-6. To keep this as simple as possible, the lower the number is, the LESS expensive the paint will be (Series 1); the higher the number is, the MORE expensive the paint will be (Series 6). This is because of the fact that certain hues and pigments are more difficult and expensive to manufacture because of the chemical components needed for specific colors; but if there’s a color that’s no hard to make, it will then cost less and it will be labeled as Series 1. For more info on this in detail, just check out this article on the series system. 🙂

Now, you’re feeling quite knowledgeable about paints now, right? Ready to get up and GO SHOPPING? Great! But first, let me just leave you with a few places you can go. I know you’ve probably heard about Blick, Michaels, Utrecht, and A. C. Moore. All those places are cool, but what if you’re on a BUDGET? Well, like I mentioned before, quality paint CAN BE the goal, but if you’re only starting out  in the painting world, maybe it’s best to hold off on buying those more “top-of-the-line” brands of paints until your skills develop and you get the basics down. Then again, it’s all up to YOU and what YOU want to do, but EVERYBODY wants to ultimately save money. ‘Tis the life of an Artist. 😉

After ranting time and time again about how the cost of art supplies ripped all through my pockets, my sis, Tae Queen basically said, “Girl, if you don’t get your art supplies online!” ❤ Ok, ok! In all my eagerness to go OUT to shop, I definitely DID forget that sometimes things cost less when you find them online! Not to mention, I’m still breaking out of the “Lacking” Mindset, which is when one always thinks and operates in terms of, “Oh my God! That costs to much!” “I don’t have enough.” “I don’t have XYZ,” etc., etc., etc. With that being said, Tae ALSO helped me out with that by saying to look at it as an INVESTMENT, since I’m an Artist and creating art is what I do…SERIOUSLY. Isn’t it all so simple when broken down like that? 😉 Anyway, I did what she said and I found some websites you should check out if saving money and investing in yourself is your THANG! ❤ ❤ ❤

Art Supplies:

You can also shop for art supplies at Amazon or eBay too. OR if you’d still rather go out to an actual store, you can become a Sale/Discount/Coupon King or Queen and just pay attention to when the stores I mentioned earlier have sales and price markdown specials! 😀 You can sign up for emails from these stores, and they’ll even send you coupons in the mail if you want too, etc.

And THAT, everyone concludes the  “To PAINT or NOT to Paint?: The SHOPPING EXPERIENCE!” series! I hope that this helps and have fun on your artistic, creative, unique adventures! And if you have any art adventures you’d like to share, please feel free to share in the comments box.


~SOULar Lioness XOXO



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