The 40’s Chronicles – Staying Fabulous and Fit at 40 and beyond.

Bfit Holistics

For most of us, turning 40 can be an exciting new chapter in our lives.  I know for me it was.  My sons were older, preparing themselves to go off to college.  I was starting a new side business and working on my career.  Finally in a stable relationship with someone who supported me.  I was truly feeling like I starting to live a little bit.

But being in your 40’s can also have a down side that I wasn’t prepared for. The sluggish metabolism & weight gain, hot flashes, stress and depression are some of my biggest challenges to date.  Let’s discuss them and what you can do to help combat some of these issues.

  • Sluggish Metabolism & weight gain
  • Hot Flashes
  • Stress
  • Depression

How can you tackle some of these issues?  Here are some suggestions that I am currently using to combat them:

Eat Your Breakfast/Small meals


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