So You Want to Be a Vegan? Pt 2 Does it Taste Good?

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Lets just put it this way it’s all in how you prepare the food. With the right seasonings recipe and preparation you can make anything taste amazing. I must honestly say that becoming vegan has made me the most creative culinary-wise than I have ever been in my life. In all fairness I have always loved cooking, but the challenge of removing the flavors caused by animal products moved me to explore new mediums of flavor. Who said veggies had to be boring?

Tip 1: Herbs & Spices are Your New Best Friends 


Herbs & Spices have always been amazing ways to create flavor in any dish. Something as simple as adding fresh thyme to a dish can instantly spark its flavor profile. Make sure to use your aromatic veggies like, onions, scallions, and bell peppers and don’t forget that tomatoes can add depth and richness to any meal. Dairy substitutes like coconut milk are great for adding richness to many dishes as well. I’m sorry, but with all the spices in the world boiled broccoli drowning in butter is no longer seems like a tasty option.

Tip 2: Get Ethnic 


Learn about different cultures particularly those that celebrate vegetables and vegetarian dishes like Indian, Southern Asian, West-Indian, Mediterranean, & Mexican cuisine. All of these cultures have one thing in common and that’s flavor flavor FLAVOR! They are not afraid of fresh ingredients, bold spices, and flavor combining I.E. (sweet & spicy, hot & sour, savory & sweet.) Making for interesting recipes that have often times had centuries to be perfected. Some of my favorite vegan staples come from these cultures and by researching their flavor profiles & recipes, you can end up with some pretty amazing twists on vegetables that you never thought of.

Tip 3: Don’t be Afraid to Try New Things 


Go to different restaurants try new foods you’ve never thought to try and bring that home with you. I can’t tell you how many vegetables I’ve been surprised to find that I actually enjoy in spite of my previous judgments. Opening up your palate will make you a happier vegan because it negates the limited feeling you get when first transitioning from the American-standard diet to a plant based one. By focusing on what we can eat we create a more positive mindset that will enable you to stay in it for the long haul.

Tip 4: Find a Vegan Friend 

salad friends

You can research until your blue in the face but there is nothing like a live person to give you advice on what tastes great and how to make it. Often times by observing someone else we can learn what we need to get the job done. Finding someone local is convenient as it enables you to see live what stores they are shopping at, what items they are choosing, and my personal favorite where to get the deals! But just in-case you can’t find anyone in person the net is a great place to find like minds. Join a facebook group, find discussion boards, or if all else fails email me

Tip 5: Don’t Force it!


If being adventurous isn’t you start by playing with recipes that are familiar to you. One of my favorite foods ever since I was young was rice & beans and to this day that is true. It’s now just wild or brown rice with a whole bunch more veggies and slightly different spices. All that to say being vegan doesn’t limit you as much as you think it does. You can still have all your favs like cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream, & pizza you just have to eat them differently now.

I hope all of these tips helped and like I’ve said before don’t be afraid to search the blog for great recipes or reach out with your specific questions.  I know you can do it! All you gotta do is try!

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