Hello Readers!

I go by many names online, but lets keep it simple and call me Jenn =). I’ve done a few things in my life; I’m a published writer (poetry and journalism), I’m a published model (magazine, billboards and online) and I’ve owned a small business.. but none of these compare to what I am I am truly motivated about- natural living, self-empowerment, and cultural knowledge. I’d like to share these beliefs with your through my writings.

Published in Hair & Beauty Africa

The closest representation of how I see myself

As a model, you learn to be what the client wants you to be. As females, this skill becomes natural to us as we aim to please society. But that is not what I want my legacy to be- that is not what I want my children to remember me for. I’d also like to be who I actually am, without worrying about portraying the wishes of a client. Through each post, I plan to reveal more of myself with the hopes that it helps someone else do the same.

So that is what I will share with you through this platform- my deeper thoughts about respecting our bodies, honoring our heritage, and being our best selves. I’m excited to contribute to this online magazine and hope that you will appreciate my style and discussions.


Connect with me

Learn from me

Vent with me

Peace Blessings and Love






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