Dodging Life’s Bullets

A time ago, some friends and I had the bright idea of getting into selling weed and others things, up and down Miami Beach. Luckily before making that trip out of town, my boy called me up and told us the alphabet boys raided the connect. If you want further details, check Dragonflies in the Swamp for all that. The point I’m making is that certain things you truly want, if it’s not meant for you, regardless of how much you wanted it will not remain in your life.

There are ex’s you loved to death, but glad you didn’t try to rekindle anything. There are jobs you were fired from that paid nicely, but something better for you fell into your lap further down the line. There are people who had your back and vice versa, but you grew apart because a path suited to your new life brought in folks who can help you. When the splits began it may have hurt you, but those ties had to be broken for you to grow.

Be thankful for the breaking of those ties, connections, people, passions, or items because it may have stunted your growth. Shot, even Beyonce had to break away from her ex in order to meet Jay-Z, and also got a hit record from that situation as well. Appreciate the break ups, the set backs, and let downs for they are but gateways to a well deserved blessing.


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