Ashy Skin? Operation Hydration to the Rescue!

Ashy Skin

This summer, my skin was shining bright. I was a sun-kissed goddess with a golden honey butter hue, glowing and shining bright for the whole world to see. You couldn’t tell me nothing because I knew that I was blessed with melanin and happy about it. Unfortunately, the autumn weather abruptly interrupted my summer, summer, summer time (yes, I’m still singing the song in my head). As the leaves turned on the trees, my husband and the wonder twins were sipping apple cider, eating pumpkin bread, and watching football games. While they were having the time of their lives, I was close to tears because I hate the cold months. I was watching my golden honey butter summer, summer, summer time glow and shine fade away. Then, I woke up one morning to my worst nightmare . . . ashy skin. Oh snap! How did this happen?

During the cold months, I tend to stop eating mostly raw fruit and veggies and start to indulge in some of my cold weather favorites such as vegan mashed potatoes, steel cut oatmeal with honey, warm spelt biscuits topped with vegan butter, and hot cacao with coconut sugar. Why does this happen? In cold months, our body sends triggers for food that causes our blood to be a little thicker so that we can endure the cold weather. While these foods may be generally healthy (well, not the white potatoes), they are cooked, lacking in nutrients, and void of the water and enzymes required for proper digestion.

So, how do we maintain beautiful melaninated skin during the winter months. Operation Hydration to the rescue! This regimen includes ten crucial steps to keep your beautiful skin hydrated when the cold weather is trying to cover our skin with white ash.

1. Drink juice of seasonal veggies and fruit – Make fresh juices with cold weather vegetables and fruit like beets, yams, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard, kale, carrots, and apples. Add some lemon and ginger for a twist.

2. Drink herbal infusions – Make herbal infusions with root herbs like burdock root, dandelion root, and ginger root. Also, make infusions with red hibiscus flower and horsetail to get the vitamin C and silica you need.

Herbal Infusions

3. Drink water – Preferable 64 ounces or more of purified water with trace minerals each day.

4. Drink green superfood drinks – Preferably Gorilla Juice three-five times per week or more.


5. Drink homemade broths – It’s better to make your own instead of purchasing the store bought broths full of sodium and MSG which aren’t good for the skin.

6. Say no to your sweet tooth – Eliminate refined sugar from your diet. It dries up your blood plasma, wreaks havoc on every part of your body and makes your skin look like crap.

7. Swap it Out! – Kind of like Walk it Out, so go ahead and do your dance. Just kidding. Nothing wrong with a little humor in the blog post. What I really meant to say was change the comfort food you eat. Instead of mashed potatoes, consider mashed cauliflower. Make broth based soups instead of creamy soups. Make sure the broth is hot and the vegetables are raw. Broccoli, mushrooms, mung bean sprouts, carrots, red onions, leeks, ginger, and fennel are good options for this soup. Add some basil, cilantro, and jalapeno peppers for an earthy, warm feeling. Kind of like a Vietnamese pho.

8. Take good old fashioned baths – Your body craves liquid hydration inside and out, especially in the winter months. Soaking in a tub of water for twenty minutes or more 3-5 times each week will hydrate your skin. If you’re afraid to soak because of chlorine or fluoride, add a scoop of vitamin C powder to your water. It absorbs heavy metals. To take this bath to the next level, add a pound of Epsom salt and one cup of Borax. Not only will you soften and preserve your skin, you’ll also get a boost from the magnesium in the bath products that your body needs. You can also try a pound of pink salt and one cup of baking soda. You’ll experience an energetic cleansing along with the softening of the skin. After you soak, let the water out and bathe with a natural soap in the shower. Be sure to seal with a natural moisturizer as soon as you exit the tub. Nandi’s Naturals offers some great options.

9. Supplement – Find a great natural vitamin D3 supplement. The sun is the best source of this vitamin however people in cold states rarely see this beauty October through March. This would be the best time of year to take a vitamin D3 supplement. This vitamin is required by every organ in your body to function properly and your skin is your largest organ.

10. Detox your skin – Create a solvent made from Absolute Vodka (yes, vodka. It was made for cleaning, not drinking), aluminum free baking soda, and fossil shell flour (diatomaceous earth). You make a paste of these ingredients and use it to scrub your skin with a loofah pad in the shower.Then follow up by moisturizing with coconut oil and magnesium oil. My CoCoCreations offers a good brand of magnesium oil. Warning – Applying magnesium oil topically will result in a burning sensation so go slow and apply it to one part of the body at at time. Just breathe deep and you’ll live through it.

I modified this skin detoxification technique from Dr. Robert Cassar’s process. He specializes in skin cleansing and terrain modification for optimal health. While I typically focus on what works for melaninated people, I do my research in other camps and every once in awhile, I find a gem like this one. Check out Dr. Cassar’s full blow skin cleansing and terrain modification process by clicking here. Especially if you are fair skinned or of European descent and would like to learn how to sunbathe without damaging your skin.

There you have it. Operation Hydration to the rescue! Try these tips and let me know how they work for you.

What are your secrets for optimal hydration during the cold months? I’d love to hear from you.

Peace and blessings.


11 thoughts on “Ashy Skin? Operation Hydration to the Rescue!

  1. For the skin detox, is there a specific recipe you have so I can know what amounts of each thing to use? And what fossil flour do you recommend? ( I KNOOOW I keep commenting but I keep noticing things. I’m reading this article over and over again and writing shopping lists and all this multitasking).

    • No recipe. I scoop out some baking soda and fossil shell flour and add a tiny amount of alcohol then mix. I do this until it becomes a paste like we used in kindergarten for arts and crafts. Fossil shell flour is diatomaceous earth. You can by it at Needs to be food grade.

  2. I just looked up Borax….um…..I’m not sure I want that in my bath water. It sounds dangerous! Actually, I looked at the Wikipedia page for starters and it looked fine until I got to the end where it says “Borax was added to the Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) candidate list on 16 December 2010….revised classification of borax as ‘toxic for reproduction’ category 1B under the CLP Regulations… required to be labelled with the warnings “May damage fertility” and “May damage the unborn child.” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Is this true?

    And are there any alternative baths to take? Right now I only take plain baths and the Epsom salt baths…but yes, I HAVE been thinking about what’s in my water, especially since I’m dealing with my skin issues, etc.

    • I’ve read those articles too. Not sure whether they are true or not. I’m quite fertile. 🙂 if you have concerns, just skip it. No biggie. I like taking oil baths to. Olive oil and essential oils.

    • Thanks! Definitely looking into ordering it when I get a chance. And great blog! Loved the tips. I can’t stand the winter time either. I loose my tan and my skin starts getting dry once it realizes summer is over. Gah!

    • I thoroughly enjoyed this blog, especially seeing my company’s name in bold hyperlinked exquisiteness! Thanks for sharing such great advice. I’ll be purchasing some Absolute today, and it won’t be for drinking. Ha!

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