Words FINALLY Spoken



Hey! Do you remember the post I wrote a little while back called Artist’s Block…Or Nah? If you forgot or if you haven’t read it yet, you can read it right here.

Well, guess what?

Last night, when I was on the bus on my way to meet up with my King, I saw the great, mysterious Elder Artist again! I actually hadn’t seen him in quite a while, but I actually caught sight of him once again sitting in his usual place in the front of the bus going IN on his artwork, when I was about to get off the bus. DAMN. I wished I would have spotted him sooner, but I sat in the back of the bus. Right before the bus reached my stop, I quietly stared down at what he was working on. Once again, he was working away on his straight ballpoint pen lines among swirls of colors and what looked like a very sharply-drawn, detailed car.

My Heart was caught in my throat and it throbbed harder and harder the more I quickly considered opening my mouth and finally SAYING something to him. But I just could not bear to break that precious self-made rule of NEVER disturbing an Artist when he or she is in the ZONE, so–

I turned away, the bus came to my stop and it was time for me to get off. So I did.

But WAIT, there’s MORE!

Many hours later, when I got on the bus to go back home, who else was sitting right there in the front of the bus but the Elder Artist?! 😀 ❤ But guess what? He actually wasn’t drawing this time! He was READING! (That’s a first!) He briefly glanced up at me and said hi. I greeted him back. My Heart slowly crept back up into its familiar spot in my throat, but I swallowed it back down into its rightful place.

It was now or never.

I finally worked up the nerve to ask him, “Excuse me, how long have you been drawing?” From there, a new gateway had been opened and a kind, interesting conversation followed. As it turns out, his name is Bamin and he’s been drawing ever since he was a child. He also told me that a friend of his taught him some painting about 25 years ago. Bamin asked me if I was an Artist and I said, “Yes.”

“So what kind of stuff do you do?”

“I draw, you know, with pencil, inks, and I’m still getting into painting too. I paint with acrylic paint.”

“Ohh, ok.”


Well, rewind in time a bit. See, the reason why I’d see Bamin around on the bus throughout all these years is because he lives around my way! He lives somewhere around the corner from me! Which corner? I don’t even know! But I told my mom about the “old artist man” on the bus and I showed her those pictures of him I had taken. She knows him! That’s when she told me he lives around the neighborhood somewhere (funny how people around my way can know each other but NOT know where they live! That’s another story! Ha, ha!)

So, fast forward back to the story, that’s when I told him that I was sooooo happy to finally get to speak to him! I told him basically everything I told you in my Artist’s Block…Or Nah? entry about him and he laughed. I mentioned that my mom said she knew him and asked if he knows her. I told him her name and he said, “On ___ Street? Yeah, I know her!”

He asked me my name and he told me his– and guess what? (I’ve said that a lot in this entry, didn’t I?) I finally got to see some of Bamin’s artwork up close! I thought his work was amazing from afar, but to actually hold it in my hands? WOW. From those familiar geometric patterns, to beautiful architectural ink drawings and bands of color, which I found out weren’t only markers! But PAINTS as well! Beautiful paints and even some with glitter detail all on those famous envelopes I told you about. I was mesmerized by the originality of each piece!

We continued to happily chat about his art journey and mine but my stop came too soon. Before I got off the bus Bamin asked for my number and I gave him one of my business cards. We bid each other good night and I hopped off the bus, skipped away into the night and went in the house as happy as can be!

So, I FINALLY spoke to that mysterious Elder Artist and now I’ve got a new creative connection! Hopefully we can and will collaborate some time and also I hope to be able to tap into his wealth of knowledge and learn all kinds of wonderful new things about art!

Yes! I’m feeling accomplished!

I just thought I’d share that with you.

~SOULar Lioness XOXO


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