What Are We REALLY Celebrating?


The holiday season is a time that brings family, close friends and significant others together in a special way compared to other times of the year. We’re more prone to reaching out to those we love and tuning into their lives. For some, this is also a time to reflect. Unfortunately for others this is a time grieve those we’ve lost around this time as well. No matter what the experience may be, there is always a common thread.

These memorable moments made seem to revolve around several major holidays. 

It’s common to celebrate holidays and customs that you’ve grown up with. At some point, every one has done it. Don’t beat yourself up! But what most don’t know or REFUSE to acknowledge is that the holidays that we’ve all come to know and enjoy have origins that would probably make you question EVERYTHING. Maybe even your entire existence. Being that most holidays are highly saturated with religious connotations, the purpose and intention for that particular “holiday” becomes lost in translation and further warped into something that doesn’t even make sense.

These holidays are then made into a fantasy to satisfy the people who chose to hide its truth in the first place, which results in one big Western commercialized frenzy for profit.


For example, let’s briefly discuss this past holiday. Thanksgiving just ain’t Thanksgiving without a big fat turkey smack dab in the middle of the table, which can at times symbolize how stuffed we feel after smashing our favorite foods. Even though its a time to be thankful for the people you are breaking bread with, the origins of Thanksgiving were founded in straight up selfishness, pettiness and greed. Coming from someone who actually has Native American ancestry running through her blood, you should already know I give the ultimate side-eye to a holiday that secretly celebrates the genocide of an ancient civilization that was handling the continent pretty well before its infamous interference. To put the icing on the cake, people willingly put themselves in the middle of craziness the very next day in the hopes of finding huge sales on things that will still be on sale the same time next week.

and at christmas you tell the truth.jpg

Ahh yes. The most popular holiday of them all! A time where the snow is falling, fireplaces are cranked up (hey now, space heaters are just as special), and everyone is pimping out their living rooms and yards with reindeer, snowmen, and elaborate lighting sequences. It’s the time where kids under 8 years old are told to hurry up and go to sleep so that an old man in a red velour suit breaks and enters to deliver gifts. But the reality is that Christmas has origins in pagan tradition. You might want to find out why Christmas trees are so important to the holiday.

Now c’mon. Do you REALLY want to give all the credit to a man who did none of the work? Was he there with you when you almost got tramped trying to get that T.V. at Walmart for your child’s room on Black Friday? Was he with you when the shelves almost fell you on top of you in an attempt to reach that toy? Was he there holding the other side of the wrapping paper so it wouldn’t tear and rip a million times?

Was Santa shooting in the gym with you?


Ok maybe he was. 

I get that children are intrigued by things that spark their imagination, but honestly nothing intrigues them more than telling the truth. And there are SO many ways to get creative with sharing the truth with them. No snowflake-covered excuses here.

Last but not least..



This is the day when rabbits radically change their genetic makeup, which then allows them to lay multi-colored eggs that somehow link back to Jesus’ resurrection from the tombs and Palm Sunday. Confused? Good! So was I while writing it.

Here’s a freebie:


How ironic is it that the very things that are celebrated are secretly linked back to the things that were “taboo” back in the day? Hmm. Makes you think.

Quick Disclaimer: 

I am by no means trying to kill your children’s hopes and dreams by questioning what you celebrate. I am also not trying to spook you in the process. I take no joy in being the boogeyman in either scenarios. I cherish my sleep way too much for that. But I WILL encourage you to be more conscious of what you choose to celebrate with your family. As with all things, more energy applied to concentrated areas, whether conscious or unconscious, will always amplify the potency of any specific thing. Let that marinate.

“So what you’re saying is..I have to celebrating everything I’ve been celebrating all my life?” 

What I’m saying is that you can still enjoy celebrating with your family but it doesn’t have to involve ridiculous spending and eating food you’re going to regret the next day. With the more positive aspect of Thanksgiving, you can always practice gratitude and thankfulness throughout the year. Don’t wait until November to do so. Life is too short. And no, I’m not suggesting that you toss your fresh pine tree (which is like nature’s crack to your nose) if you really want to keep it. Just be mindful of the origins and create your OWN reasons to celebrate with your family.

“Where’s all the refutable evidence that you’re hinting at, though?” 

I intentionally left it out and teased you. On purpose. Sorry, not sorry. Don’t turn into an internet gangsta on me now. In some form or another, everyone enjoys a good mental challenge. According to my calculations, this kind of tease will warrant one of two reactions: either piss you off or motivate you to find out more on your own.

I’d like to think you would want to discover your own enlightenment at your own pace. 😉

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