Don’t Speak On Me Fool

Its funny how some folks don’t speak to you at all, or have nothing good to say about you, and always assume something bad about you.

They don’t care to support your movements, don’t give any advice whatsoever, and are always scheming how they can use you for their own selfish agendas. But they expect you to be cool with them just because you grew up together.

I don’t understand how this type of thinking works. I try my damnedest to avoid this kind of negativity, and focus on the moves I must make for my business like the work I’m doing with my first author LeFemme LaShay.

If you feel I’m wasting time then suggest I get a job somewhere, or better yet, support my grind by bringing business my way. Don’t just talk down on me when you hardly know my struggle, or even ask about how I’m doing. It’s like they want to see you doing bad, so they can point and laugh at someone when in actuality, they need to work on themselves.

If I don’t know about the next person’s grind who I kind of know, and not really close to, then I’m not saying anything. The only thing I’ll do is pray for them, and if I can I’ll support their hustle.

I don’t judge, I don’t speak bad about, I don’t talk down on, and I never hated on anyone. I may disapprove on how certain things they do can harm the youth and our community, but won’t judge or assume the worst of a person because you don’t know their heart and struggle.

A lot of heated arguments and even feuds could have been squashed if people avoided this. Negatives only begat negatives, so do right by helping your fellow man if they appear in need. Don’t speak on me homie, and keep my name out ya got damn mouth. Peace and to whom you praise bless.


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