A New Year’s Resolution We Should All Get Behind

It’s that time again, end-of-the-year, oh my gawd- how’d I get so fat time. It happens. But here’s a challenge. … Instead of losing weight in 2015, why not gain some knowledge instead?

Here’s what provoked my thought:

I was listening to a group I hadn’t listened to in ages… A group called Dead Prez. They are a bit on the radical side, but I can appreciate their focus on healthy eating. I have always believed that healthy eating is absolutely required for a healthy mind. Growing up natural in the South, I was always looked down on because of my eating habits…

“What you mean you don’t want some fried chicken? I got this from Bo’Janges — it’s the good stuff!”

Um, no thank you.

So when Dead Prez spit these lyrics in their song, Download (Expand Beyond), I knew what my New Year’s Resolution would be:  living healthy.

From the beginning, the words spoke to me:

Raised in the ghetto singing songs of survival

But eating soul food that’ll have you dead on arrival

Hand on the rifle, other hand on the Bible

Strong as an ox but look at what you put inside you…

Americans are dying. We are dying from heart disease, cancer and respiratory diseases. Nearly half of women like me have some sort of heart disease, are the most likely to die from cancer, and are more likely to develop respiratory diseases. Is that because we are genetically predisposed?

Absolutely not.

Every single day we ingest toxins, and then we sit and wonder why we are dying. We create cooking oils out of chemicals, grow our food in chemicals, package our food with chemicals, and give our babies chemically-sprayed toys. We even breathe in the fresh chemicals in the air while waiting for chemical – producing public transportation. The American environment is toxic to anyone that does not make a reasonable effort to protect themselves from it.

A little scary, huh?

We can’t prevent everything, but we sure as heck shouldn’t add to it.

The way I see it, the typical American lifestyle is hazardous to the health. I also believe that the most economically disadvantaged are the ones at the highest risk. We can fight back by regaining what is ours… our personal health. Only then will we be able to live in true happiness and wealth… otherwise, it is all just a façade.

We say we living well, but we living in Hell

I plan on being very (w/h)ealthy in 2015, how about you?


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