Do You Love Your Car More Than Your Body?

Holistic health is not a buzz word, it is a revolutionary mindset.

But, to understand it, you have to first understand the accepted belief. Western medicine is based on a band-aid approach to the body. You know; treat the symptom, not the problem. It treats the body like something that must be maintained- something prone to failure –and wear and tear. In Western medicine, the body is not something to honor- it is a problem that must be ‘fixed’.

Now, I’m not a medical professional, but I am a body owner, and, to be honest, I am sick of how we treat our bodies.

Traditional western medicine has a problem-solving approach that attempts to separate the body into individual ‘fixable’ sections.


“Do you have a headache? Take a pill. It will stop the pain.”


But, that headache  we are trying to ‘fix’ was an indicator of a bigger problem, and when we treat the symptom without paying attention to the entire system, we are not practicing holistic health. Matter-of-fact, we aren’t treating the body.

See, our bodies are intricate systems. Although we separate them and attempt to throw an aspirin at a problem, when we ignore the entire system, it falls apart.

Think about your car.

What happens when that ‘check engine’ light come on? You have a couple of options. You could disable the light (it’s annoying, right??), you could take it into a mechanic and have them put it on a diagnostic tool, or you could ignore it.


Western medicine, many times, is equivalent to disabling that light.

Why would we do that? Why ignore or disable this important indicator? Well, for me, I have done that because I know my car is falling apart. I know that I can’t afford to fix it. I have given up hope.

Why treat our bodies this way?

We should be striving for holistic health- not giving up on the possibility of finding it. We have to realize that health incorporates more than the amount of physical pain we feel. Pain is simply an indicator of a problem. The absence of it does not denote good health.

In order to be holistically healthy, we need to optimize our minds, open our hearts, maximize our muscles, and fully engage our breath. We need to feel at peace, physically and emotionally. We need to develop our spirits as well as our bodies. We need to believe this can be done.

For many of us, we don’t start to be holistic until our systems start to shut down. This is when we experience dis-EASE. Cancers may start to invade our physical beings, mental illnesses creep into our souls, while auto-immune conditions make our bodies start to self-destruct. That check engine light has now become a system failure.

So, my challenge to everyone (including myself) is to have a change in mindset. Let’s stop looking at our physical bodies as a limiting factor that must be contained -like that car we have with the faulty check engine light- and start recognizing its role as a tool for the happiness we seek. When we love our bodies, like we love our cars, it will deliver us to where we need to be.

Don’t you agree?



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