These Degrees Get Me Paid???

At least twice a year, I see an article claiming which college degrees are said to make the most money on average. And every time I read these, I can’t help but laugh at how lost the reporter is.

From what I’ve noticed, they always suggest degrees or certifications in the ever evolving tech field, the always in demand medical field, and the play it safe criminal justice field. Not once do they mention whether one must care enough (i.e. be passionate) to want to get up to do these jobs.

Some of these reports also say which degrees don’t pay because the job market isn’t rewarding enough. Well who said happiness can be measured in dollars dumb ass? And most importantly, who said I can’t blaze my own bloody path?

I’m sick of them promoting conformity! I mean, some of the people who I know that got degrees in fields because they heard it makes money are some of the most bored, and uninspired folks I’ve ever met!

They make $45,000 a year or better, drive a decent vehicle, yet they’re unhappy, and are only doing their jobs because they can tolerate it. They vacation, go out to events, but you ask them about the last book they read or anything political that’s an in-depth understanding of how another country operates, and how it may affect our country, they stand there CLUELESS!!!!

Look, I wrote in the paragraph above this one to say this: Yeah, they have a degree and work a great job, but can they tell me how to become a millionaire, as well as break down why serfdom in early African countries wasn’t the same as slavery in the Caribbean and Americas?

At this point in my life, I can only take the advice of those who became successful on their own terms, whether they were high school dropouts, or hold doctorates. I earned my BA in English, and my professors after checking what I created in Dragonflies in the Swamp, are strongly imploring me to get my Masters in Fine Arts.

I’m great at what I do, and I’m further understanding the business of books as a publisher, ghostwriter, editor and consultant, I just need to become successful at these in due time.

For now, I don’t need more education in how to write literary techniques. I need to attack the field many with Masters and Doctorates wish to be involved in full-time. I’m only getting started, doing small gigs for now, selling books when I can, but got dammit, I’m happy! A happy me, is a productive me, so watch me work!

You know, along with Liberal Arts, English made the list of degrees said to not be very rewarding. Let’s see if I can prove another smug daily newspaper person, who is told what they can and can’t write in an article, thus giving it a higher chance of their article being bias, wrong.


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