New Beginnings: Hope for the Future

New Beginnings: Hope for the Future

By: Love Oneness

The beginning of the new year is supposed to bring the energy of being refreshed, and renewed. We are supposed to feel like this year is full of opportunity. But how can we feel any of that when the entire year of 2014 revealed to us that a black life can be taken without warrant? Many of our young brothers and sisters were killed without having any weapons. They still posed a threat by just being. In other words, breathing from a black man frightens society. This is what I have been pondering as we approach the new year.
Being the sensitive people we are, we have felt the outrage, the pain, the fear, and the hurt of our culture. Now and days, parents can’t honestly advise their children of the right way to approach being out in the street and harassed by the police. How can they when a young man can have his hand raised and still be gunned down by the very people that are supposed to serve and protect us? What is it that we are really seeing?
People are protesting in many cities across the U.S.  I guess that is better than sitting by passively . But it has me wondering what I can do for my husband, for my family, for my community? Everyday, my husband leaves early to go to work to provide for us. Everyday, he walks out the door, I pray that he is safe out there and that the ancestors will protect him and bring him home safely. Every day, I pray that my kids are safe. I pray that they will make it home to me without being stop, harassed or even worse. My husband feels obligated to ride with me to make sure that I am protected. That actually is a bonus because I love his company.

What I realize is that the revolution has begun whether we realize it or not. It seems to me that every where we turn there is another racial injustice happening or being talked about. My news feed on Facebook is constantly being flooded by more police brutality. I realize that now is the time. The war that has been taking place on humanity for centuries is finally manifesting outwardly. People are fed up. I have decided that there are a few ways to passively revolutionize.
The first and foremost, my thoughts are to go inward. What I mean is to harmonize myself to balance the emotions that I feel from these events. The more I feel peace within, the more I send that frequency throughout the Earth. The goal is to have peace in the midst of chaos, therefore, I am peace in the midst of chaos. I create my own reality and breathe life into all things that I touch and see.

Secondly, I have decided to stop participating in all the media. The media are the biggest source of trickery on this planet. It will have you believing lies, untruths, and stereotypes. Remember, don’t believe the hype. There is definitely an unrest on the planet. However, I am wise enough to know this is the period of time for a re-awakening. Chaos has to happen before peace can come. People are awakening to the truth of our oppression. That should bring us some excitement.

Thirdly, We should remain calm. There is nothing that is taking place that is outside of the Divine’s Plan. Planet Earth is unfolding its divine destiny. There is nothing or no one who can stop or hinder this. What appears to look like the beginning of the end is actually the dawn of a new beginning. You may ask how this can be. Our answer: Let nature be your guide. The heavens above show us the way. At night-time, when the sky reaches its darkest point, the human mind may think there is nothing else to come. It is at this point that the sun rises again. We have a dawning of a new day. The magic of Nature brings light in the midst of darkness.

Our Ancestors lived by the Universal Principle of As Above, So Below. In other words, what happens in the heavens is mirrored here on Earth. Planet Earth has been consumed in darkness. Most people are living in fear because they can’t see what tomorrow might bring. In the midst of this great darkness, our hearts should be filled with hope, love and joy because the light of truth shines brightly. We are in a new Age, and in this age more people are aware of the truth. Even, more people are awakening everyday. Mother Earth is re birthing a new era. In order for this to happen, the old ways must come to an end. So embrace the transformation and change. Those are the only things that are guaranteed in life.


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