Start ANU!

Peace, peace!

What’s up, everybody! I’m back in this “New Year” with some quick updates on what I’ve been up to in my absence.

I’ve been working quietly and diligently on new projects from artwork to building new connections and relationships with productive, successful, like-Minded people, making long-term plans for the year, branching out for more art events and MORE! ❤ I’m keeping a LOT of things under wraps for now, but in the long run you’ll be in the know when all of my goals manifest! I could NEVER keep y’all out of the loop for long! 😉

But seriously, these days I’m mainly focusing on posting on Instagram for the most part, so if you’re looking for more frequent updates about what’s going on in my world, you can always find me @SOULarLioness!

Here are a few work-in-progress pictures of a piece I’m currently working on:

Progress1Progress2 Progress3



~SOULar Lioness XOXO



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