Being In Love vs. Being A Damn Fool

“Suckers for love” was a phrase from my teenage days used for people who do anything in the name of love. They’ll forgive, time and time again, a cheating significant other, and even put their life or freedom in jeopardy to keep these people around.

I myself was in a spot like this for a short while. But once I realized how much of a sucker I was being, I let the woman know to lose my number and give me my space, but in a nice way. The main reason why I had to break free, I shall further explain on my blog talk radio segment “Welcome to the Swamp”, but do know after hearing this, you won’t blame me.

I’ve seen specials on television that said when people are in love, things others they wouldn’t let slide with, they let the one they’re in love with get a pass because they want to make the relationship work. Both men and women can be suckers for love, the thing is once you see what the other person is doing is wrong, you must let common sense take the wheel for you to drive far away from that person.

In the end, I still want someone special to love. After licking my wounds, and having my fun being single, I’ll be back to keeping an eye out for special women/woman to be with. I just know that it’s cool to be in love. It’s just not cool to let someone take advantage of you.

– Nicholas Brown, author of Dragonflies in the Swamp


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