High Sex: Where are you Vibrating?


Every day, babies are born. And in most situations, people are celebrating the new life that has manifested. The mother of the child, and the father too, have been planning from this moment for approximately 9 months. Whether mom and dad were planning the pregnancy or not, once the magic stick came back with a positive sign, their lives are changed forever. Hopefully, throughout those 9 months the mother is nourishing and loving herself and her baby to be. But do we consider what we can  create even prior to conception?

On a fundamental level, everyone knows the science of Procreation. We know that it takes a man and a woman to come together intimately. We know that the sperm has to travel to her egg and the union of the two is what causes the development of a child being developed. However, what we don’t ususally take into account is the power that our energy and thoughts play in the process of procreation.

On a basic level, there is a physical attraction that manifests in order for reproduction to take place. The intensity of the attraction of a man and a woman yearning for each other initiates sexual intimacy. Outside of the passion that was felt, the energy and thoughts of the two individuals is essential in the development of the child being manifested. For example, when two people come together with just the thought of hot, passionate sex… you know, the “I’m going to blow her back out “ sex… then only the carnal emotion and energy is implanted into the soon to be fetus. When this fetus grows into a teenager and even later on in life, he/she may have a very high sexual appetite that cannot be sated. This can manifest as nymphomania, sexual addiction, sexual perversion, etc. If the parents of a child are only thinking in a carnal places of lust, then this energy will be implanted into their offspring. Could this be the one of the reasons that our society is obsessed with sex?

On the other hand, what if we were completely aware of our thoughts as we lay down with our partners? Suppose we not only were passionate about one another, but we were completely in love with each other? If we are aware of our thoughts and those thoughts are of love for ourselves and each other, healing in our homes, unity for our community, peace on the planet, and love for the universe, how could that change the children that were being manifested? Positive thoughts throughout our lives are important, especially when in the act of making love. Complete adoration of your partner has the ability to create a magical love child, one that is peaceful and passionate about the healing that needs to take place on our planet. We need to be aware of what we are thinking as we make love. Men realize that you are the Sun, and Women are the Earth. Therefore, you implant into her all that you would like for her to nurture and bring to life. While making love to your woman, implant the riches ideas of your mind. Give her the jewels of your heart. Women, you are the absorbers. So take the jewels of your love and bury it into the being of your soul. Nurture it, and care for it! Birth it into existence. This is the science of Procreation.

The other day my father and I was discussing my revoluntionary energy. He explained to me that in his younger years his rebellious nature was very much against religion, society, cultural norms just like many people were in the 70’s. I asked him what his views were when I was conceived, to which he said that he was still optimistically impassioned.  This conversation answered a lifetime of questions for me. It made me realize the importance of energy and thoughts during conception. What I realized was that my father implanted his revolutionary energy into my mother. My mother, being completely in love with him, absorbed that energy into her being, which is why I am what my father now calls a “Revolutionary Super Star!!!” I am very proud to be!!

We all have the ability to change the world. We have to focus on the things that we can easily change around us. We can definitely be aware of our thoughts and cultivate a generation of a loving, healing and revolutionary children just through the science of Procreaton. Through procreation, we either give birth to gods or devils. Our children will play  a part in our healing or be continuation of our downfall. Parents that are aware of themselves as spiritual, divine beings engage in intimacy, not from carnal, lustful, thoughtless place, but from a loving, spiritual, meaningful place within themselves, creating offspring that are a reflection of that level of self-awareness.


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